Roar by Cora Carmack


My first read by Cora.

Aurora is the heir to the Pavan throne.  Her family tree is full of stormlings-people who can control storms.  All sorts of storms threaten to tare cities and villages apart and it is a stormlings job to end the storm and protect its people.  Rage season is coming and preparations need to be made.

Aurora is different from all of her ancestors-she doesn’t possess the magic to stop storms.  Her mother has kept her hidden for 18 years, so the kingdom can’t find out about her problem.  Aurora’s mother is forcing her to marry a strong stormling to ensure the protection of their kingdom.

Aurora does not want to marry Cassius.  She finds out he is faking his charm and trying to use her.  She stumbles upon a black market for magic.  She meets a man named Locke.  Locke is a hunter.  Locke and his crew hunt storms and sell the storms abilities that they catch at the market.

Aurora wants to learn these skills.  She believes if she has these skills she will not have to marry Cassius.  Aurora fakes her own kidnapping and changes her name to Roar.  She does not want anyone to find out her true identity.  She starts to learn a lot about herself while out on the hunt; how she reacts to storms, how she feels about Locke, and how she can handle a storm.  After learning something huge about herself she also finds out that Cassius and his family are trying to take over her kingdom and she must go back home.

This world is a little confusing to me.  I’m still trying to understand why the storms are starting and why they are so hateful.  Thank goodness are homes don’t start to crumble when it starts to rain!

There are great characters!  Aurora can be a little much at times always arguing and wanting things her way, but she is a strong female lead.  Always battling for what she believes in and doesn’t give up.  Locke acts so strong, but has a soft middle.  He has been through a lot and it is interesting to learn his story.  A lot of the hunters are fun too.  Jinx has fun witching powers and has fun witty banter.  Bait is always playing pranks.  I just want Ransom to break his barrier and let more of his story spill and I don’t really trust Sly.

I’m hoping to understand the storm thing a little more in the second book.  I hope more information gets explained.  I am also curious to see what happens to Roar and the hunter group.  How are they going to fight off whats coming for them next?

4/5 stars


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