Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy


Him is a story about two men named Ryan Wesley and Jamie Cunning.  They both love to play hockey.

Wes is an openly gay man, but does not advertise it.  He has been in love with Jamie since they roomed together at a summer hockey camp.  In college, Wes is a hockey star.  When his college team goes to play in the Frozen Four he sees Jamie for the first time in four years.

Jamie and Wes have been friends since they were twelve years old.  Spending six weeks out of every summer with Wes was some of the best times of his life.  Jamie does not know why Wes stopped talking to him after their last summer together.  He is floored when Wes contacts him again.

Wes finds out Jamie went from camper to coach at the Elites summer camp.  Wes secretly lands a coaching job as well to try and rekindle his friendship with Jamie before he goes off to his big NHL career.

I thought the beginning of the book was choppy.  I get that a background was trying to be set about how Jamie and Wes know each other, I just wish it wasn’t so jumpy.

Besides that I really enjoyed the story.  Wes is a goofball.  Jamie is laid back.  The two balance each other out well.  They get into different shenanigans and have a fun time with each other. I liked reading on how the couple grew to love each other.

I wasn’t prepared for some of the sex scenes-I’ve never read a story like this before.  Some stuff was a little ‘wow’ for me.  If you have never read a same sex couple romance before, just be prepared for that.

I like how Jamie fights for the relationship.  This world is new to him and he is learning along the way, but there is one thing he is sure of.

These are great characters, its a fun story, and hockey is involved.  Can’t get much better! 4/5 stars


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