When Its Real by Erin Watt

When It’s Real was my first read by Erin Watt and I was not disappointed!

When Its Real is about a famous singer, Oakley Ford, who needs to clean up his image if he wants to work with the hottest music producer in the business. His team wants him to fake date a ‘normal’ girl-one who’s not in the business. In comes Vaughn Bennett. She is immune to the Oakley charm and is more concerned about helping out her family since her parents died. The only reason she agrees to be Oakleys fake gf is because her family needs the money.

At first I kept associating Vaughn with a boys name so it took me awhile to realize I was reading about the female lead. Do you think authors keep using unique names, so readers will really remember their characters?

Anywho, I really liked both Oakley and Vaughn. At first Oakley is this self entitled celebrity who thinks he is better than everyone else, but as the story continues you get to see his down to earth side and I love that side of him. Vaughn doesn’t care about Oakleys status and has bigger things going on in her life. She gives Oak a run for his money. Oak helps Vaughn relax and have fun. Vaughn helps Oak come down to earth and let out his true emotions. They are a good balance for each other.

Something happens at the end that makes me really mad. What some people do for money is just sad.

This is a fun read with great characters. I recommend it! 4/5⭐️


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