Nuts by Alice Clayton

Nuts is about a girl named Roxie who is trying to make it as a Personal Chef in LA. Her mom ends up getting a big opportunity and needs her to come back home to run the diner when she’s gone. The problem with that is that Roxie escaped Bailey Falls NY for a reason and she doesn’t want to go back.

Roxie caves and leaves to help her mom out. While at the diner she runs into the local farmer and he is hot! Roxie hates relationships and is just about the fun. She is hoping the farmer will be her fun during her time back home.

At first I thought the story was slow. Roxie and Leo are great all around characters, I just wanted more and for the story to pick up.

I like Leo’s nickname for Roxie-it’s there special thing. I also like the relationship between the two of them. Some books I’ve been reading lately focus a lot on the sex part of the relationship and it was a breath of fresh air to get more details on the relationship itself and not just the physical stuff.

There is a twist at the end and Roxie has to decide if she will turn into the relationship kind of girl or end things with Leo as a summer fling.

Once the story picked up, I really enjoyed it! 4-4.5/5⭐️


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