Riveted by Jay Crownover

Just finished the third Saints of Denver novel.  (I read it out of order, but I was doing it to prepare for Salvaged, the last of the series.)

I adore Church!  Church is a badass guy who left for the military as soon as he could sign up. He has lost many loved ones and that caused his world to turn upside down.  He figured the military was all about hard times and loss and that type of atmosphere  can’t hit you as hard when you expect it.

After war, Rome-from the Marked Men series-gave Church a job as a bouncer at The Bar and that is where Church met Dixie.

Dixie is a fun loving, bubbly, always putting others first type of girl.  She’s had her eye on Church since the day she laid eyes on him.  She has always known that Church is her forever.

Church refuses to let himself get close to anyone because he is afraid that he will lose yet another person that he loves.  When a family member gets hurt back home, Church doesn’t hesitate to go back to his home state and help out.  He hasn’t seen his family in ten years.  He asks Dixie to go with him.  Being the kind of person Dixie is, she agrees to go right away.

I really liked that the characters were brought out of Denver.  It was nice seeing Church open up after all the years he’s kept his emotions in.  Not only is Church a lovable guy, so is his family.  The things Church says, comes right from his father and the Churchill men are what any women would love to have in their lives.

Church and Dixie are a great couple.  Church is protective and Dixie does not let Church forget his worth.  They help each other realize why they are special and that they are perfect for each other.

One thing I didn’t like, is the repetitiveness of how these books end.  (The Saints of Denver and The Marked Men series.)  I would like a little more originality with the endings.

Otherwise I really loved this story and give it 5 stars.


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