Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Next year my friends and I want to attend Apollycon.  I have read a few authors, but my friends are much better versed in this events genre.  I have some books by the other authors who are attending, so I am getting started.

Wendy Higgins Sweet Evil series is one that I’ve owned for a long time, but just haven’t read.

This series is about a girl, Anna, who has special abilities, but doesn’t know why.  She meets a boy named Kai, who ends up having some of the same abilities that she has.  Anna’s life will never be the same.

This book has demons, angels, dukes, and nephilim.  Anna is part demon and that scares her.  What the children of dukes are expected to do, what she is expected to do, is just so wrong and she wants no part of it.  She tries to learn the ropes from Kai, a child of the Duke of Lust, but just ends up falling for him.  Neph are not allowed to fall for each other.

Anna meets her dad for the first time on a road trip with Kai.  Her dad is not what she expects him to be.  He wants to start her training.  Anna has been able to fly under the radar, but ever since she met Kai, she has been exposed to the other Dukes and needs to be able to protect herself.

At times I thought the book was quite jumpy-going from one scene to the next without wrapping up what just happened.

This world is interesting.  Anna can see a persons emotions through colors.  Dukes having children just to work and carry out their evil is also interesting.  This is a world that is down a lot though, so I found myself comparing it to other books.  Some parts in this series I liked better, some not as much as other series.

The characters are very likable.  I really like the main too characters, but I also like a lot of the side characters.  Kopano is one of my favorites besides Anna and Kai.  The dukes are also some of those characters that you love to hate.  One thing that bothered me about Anna is how she obsessed over Kai.  It was frustrating to read how she just broke down and stopped functioning when they just met.

There were also some religious parts that I just didn’t care for because that is not my type of thing.  I know this world is all angels and demons and such, but that is not what I’m talking about when I say religious parts.  If you read the book you might know what I am trying to say.

I couldn’t give this book a full 4, but I also didn’t want to give it a 3.5 so I went with a 3.75/5.

Have any of you ever attended Apollycon? If so, what can my friends and I expect? Any advice before going? I wish there were more book events where I lived 😦 Lindsey's review


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