The Deal by Elle Kennedy

Lindsey's review

Guys!  Go read The Deal!

This story is about the campus’ top hockey player and the schools unknown music major.

Garrett gets a bad score on his midterm.  He needs to keep his grades up to stay on the hockey team.  The professor is giving a retake because everyone did so bad on the exam.  Garrett finds the one person who aced the exam and asks her to tutor him.

Hannah wants nothing to do with Garrett.  She considers Garrett the big man on campus who only cares about himself and hooking up with a different girl each night.  Hannah refuses to tutor Garrett.

After a lot of begging, Garrett finally makes Hannah an offer she can’t refuse and a deal is made.

Through the tutoring, they learn that each other is not what they appear to be and that they both have a broken past.  Will the tutoring lead to more?

I love Garrett and Hannah!  I love Garrett’s sense of humor and how Hannah can dish it right back to him.  He helps her let loose and she helps him get serious.  The characters as themselves are great to read about, but they are even better as a pair.  I like how Garrett has a strong head on his shoulders and really focuses on his dreams, but can also have fun.  I enjoyed watching him change from the beginning of the story to the end.  I also like the banter between the two of them.

I really loved this story and the characters and can’t wait to see what new adventures will come for the next featured couple.

5 stars


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