Magisterium: The Copper Gauntlet

IMG_2163.JPGThe Copper Gauntlet continues to follow the lives of Call, Aaron, and Tamara along their magic journey.

As Call gets ready to head back to the Magesterium after an awkward summer, he has a huge fight with his dad. He runs away and finds himself escaping to Tamaras house.

While at school the trio gets word about an important artifact being stolen. Call thinks his dad is behind it. Call tells his friends and Tamara runs off to tell Master Rufus.

Call finds out that there is a mad search to find and kill his father, so he goes off to try and find him first. Aaron and Tamara join him. On their way out of the Magesterium Jasper catches them, so they have to drag him along.

The trio turned quad goes on a crazy adventure trying to find Calls dad

During Iron Trial I thought about Harry Potter a lot and the similarities the two books share. In Copper Gauntlet I didn’t think about HP once.

This story has a lot of adventure and action. More information is learned about Calls secret and Master Joesphs intentions. The students battle elementals, hot wire cars, encounter chaos-ridden and much more. I enjoyed this story a lot! I don’t own The Bronze Key.  I have to get my hands on a copy so I can continue the story!



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