Magisterium: Iron Trial

iron trialLindsey's review

Magestrium Iron Trial is a book by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare.  I love Cassandra Clare, so I had to give this book a try too.

When I started reading I was very surprised right off the bat how similar this book is to Harry Potter.  It’s a magic world where young kids, at a certain age, go to magic school to learn about their powers.  The main characters are a trio: two boys and a girl, the main boy character doesn’t know much about the magic world, and of course there is a bad guy.

The reason I am not hating on the similarities like some other reviews do is because of the differences.  The ones in power aren’t who you might suspect to be.  The enemy is also who you do not expect to be.  In this story the magic comes from the elements around you such as earth, wind, and fire.  The symbol in the O on the title has to do with these elements.  I think the symbol is pretty neat.  I also like how there isn’t a ‘weak’ person in the main trio of characters.  Right off the bat they all have their strong abilities.

So yes, this book does have a lot of similarities to the Harry Potter series, but it is still its own book.  I did enjoy it.  I can also see a lot of middle grade readers enjoying this story also.  Who wouldn’t want to have magical powers and go on special adventures?   If you do decide to give this book a try, just put Harry Potter out of your mind or you probably will not enjoy it.  Remember it is a different story.

I gave this book 4/5 stars and I am interested in seeing what happens as the Magisterium series continues in The Copper Gauntlet.


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