The Beast Within

beastLindsey's review

Who is getting excited for the Beauty and the Beast movie?? I sure am!  To get ready for the movie I thought it would be fun to read The Beast Within by Serena Valentino.

This version is like a prequel.  We find out what the Beast was like before he became the Beast and let me tell you, it is not pleasant!  The Beast is overpowering, egotistical, a pig, and horrible towards woman.

Gaston is the Beast’s best friend-that was a shocker, but considering the Beast’s personality before, they were made for each other.

The Beast is engaged to Circe.  Gaston insists that Circe is a pig farmers daughter and that drives the Beast over the edge-he could never be associated with such a person!  Turns out Circe is a witch and she curses the beast for not loving the beauty within.

The story goes on through the Beast’s changes and trying to figure out the curse.  Circe’s sisters try to make sure the Beast fail.

Circe has a soft side which confuses me-why set the curse in the first place if you are going to feel guilty about it?

Overall the story was a good read and has me really excited for the movie!

4/5 stars.


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