Queen of Hearts

queenThe last book I read was Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes.  After finishing Heartless by Marissa Meyer not too long ago, I was left unimpressed.

A girl named Dinah is the lead in this story.  Her eighteenth birthday is not too far away and soon she will become the Queen of Hearts.  Her mother died long ago, so she will be ruling alongside her father.  Dinah and her father do not get along well.  He is always criticizing her and is constantly reminding her that she is not fit to become a queen.  Soon all things turn upside when Dinah’s father announces that she has a sister-a sister that came to be due to her fathers inability to stay faithful to Dinah’s mother.

I thought the story was bland for the first 100 pages in.  It felt like a huge introduction to the story-the telling of Dinah’s problems with her father, her hatred for her new sister, the problems with her brother, and so on.

Once her sister arrives, things do start to go a little crazy and there is adventure that Dinah ends up taking with a very close friend.  This adventure and the one that starts at the end of the book do have me curious and wanting to know more.  I just wish there was more adventure throughout the whole book.

This was definitely not my kind of Wonderland.  Characters that I usually love are twisted around and changed dramatically in this story.  I usually like things that can get dark and twisted, story lines that stray away from the norm, but this time it didn’t work for me.

I will probably, eventually read Blood of Wonderland just to see what happens, but I am in no rush to get to it.

3/5 stars



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