Holly Woods Files Series Review

Before this series I had read a few Emma Hart books and LOVED them. Before even reading her I had heard great things about this series. It is a bit different from my normal read, but I trusted all the reviews. I am so glad that I did!

amanda's review


I don’t read many books that have mystery to them, but I have heard excellent things about this series and I have loved everything I have read from Emma Hart so far. I really really liked Twisted Bond. I loved the murders that Noelle was working on and really loved the twists and turns of the case. I was constantly trying to figure out what was going on and who might have done it. I think the flow of the case was excellent and I was sucked in by that.
I think there was the perfect balance of the case and everything going on in Noelle’s life. Granted a lot of her family and Drake are connected to both. I loved the dynamic between her and Drake. It was very entertaining and never too much. I think the pace of their relationship was on point. I liked how it naturally developed and loved their ups and downs.
I am very excited to read more about all the characters and see where Noelle and Drake go.


tangled-bond4 stars
I really enjoy reading about Noelle cases and her hot and cold relationship with Drake. I love their banter and how passionate they are. Their dynamics really add to the case. I think I liked the case a little bit more in the first book, but I thought Natalie’s case was quite interesting. I enjoy the way things are woven together in the case and all come together in the end. I really like the whole Bond family too. They have such a fun relationship with each other and always add some laughs. I am really excited to see where this series goes.


tethered-bond4.5 ☆
This was my favorite case Noelle and Drake worked on so far. I thought the case was complex and everything flowed nicely. I also liked Noelle and Drake’s growing relationship. I love their chemistry and odd way they fit together. It feels like it has grown very naturally and I really love them together. All of the side characters are so much fun too! Nonna’s Gio is hilarious. I love the whole bond family! really liking this series!


I liked that this book had a lot more personal and family stuff going on with Noelle. I did enjoy the murder case, but it was nice that this book felt a bit different. There was a lot more drama with the family and some conflict with her brothers. It was nice to see more growth with Noelle and Drake along with a lot of the side characters. I liked the case about Wally, but it wasn’t as complex as the others, given there wasn’t as much emphasis on it as compared to other books that makes sense. I really love all the crazy family dynamics going on that make for a funny and interesting story.


This was definitely my favorite case in the series and I really enjoyed the personal side. Drake and Noelle have progressed a lot at this point in the series and I enjoy reading about how their problems change with where they are in their relationship. I love how they still can push each others buttons, but still are so right for each other. I loved that the case was different from the other ones and it kept me on my toes. I didn’t figure out what happened ahead of time and was surprised a few times. I really am enjoying the bek, brody, and jason triangle. I am super excited to read bek’s book!!


burning-bond 4 Stars

I was super excited to find out that one of the books in this series is Bek’s. I really liked reading about her love life drama, so I knew getting to read about it from her perspective would be fun. I really liked the personal side to the story and love Brody! I really loved reading about their journey to figure out what they want. As for the case side if it I thought it was super interesting! I think it was quite complex and had some nice layers to it. I didn’t like that the end was a quick wrap up and we find out after what was really going on. It made it feel a little anti climatic. It probably would be a 4.5 if the ending was a little different, I did enjoy the little turn of the tables that was going on though! I am really sad to start the last one now though!



4.5 Stars
I am really sad that this series is over! I think Twined Bond was the perfect way to end the series. There was lots of Bond family fun, great romance of droelle, and a really good murder case. I absolutely loved the arc of Noelle and Drake in this book. I think there was such a sweet and emotional side to them really shown. Their relationship has really matured over the books and I love seeing how it has evolved. As usual the Bond family was hilarious, Gio alone is so much fun!  I have always loved how this series can balance the dark of the cases they work, the romance, and the humor amongst the characters. The investigation in this book is one of my favorite in the entire series. I was very interested in what was going on and was kept on my toes and have a few surprise twists to it. I adored the epilogue and am really sad this series is over. Noelle is so much fun and a unique character. I also loved some of the Drake pov thrown in! I loved this series and I am really glad I stepped out of my usual genre and tried this one out. It was fantastic and I recommend this to anyone who enjoys romance and/or mystery.



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