Traffick by Ellen Hopkins is the sequel to Tricks.

In Tricks, their are five stories involving five different teenagers.  Some come from good homes, some do not, but they all end up in the child sex trafficking ring and on drugs.  All of the teenagers end up in Las Vegas.

Traffick continues the five stories.  Each section starts off with a poem.  I liked how Traffick had poems from the characters family, loved ones, and manipulators.

The teens go through many different struggles, as one in this world might.  Some dived into the world willing and others were forced.  One boy was turned into this life when he was kicked out of his own home. One girl tried escaping because her mom was selling her daughters body because she needed money.

It is sad to think how all of this is really happening in the world.  There are children being abducted and sold.  Kids fall into the life when they have no where else to go because their own parents can’t except them for who they are.  Why is there so much awful in the world?

Some are able to get out of the life with the help of rehab, support groups, and family to help.  Traffick explores different variations of this too.  Some get in so deep they don’t think they are good enough to do anything else.

Ellen always writes about such strong topics and it gets you thinking.  Another good read by Ellen Hopkins! 4/5 stars


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