My first read of the year was Heartless by Marissa Meyer.

The Story of Heartless is how the Queen of Hearts came to be.

It starts off with an ambitious girl name Catherine who wants to own her own bakery one day.  Her mother won’t have her daughter, heir to Rock Turtle Cover, working.  Cath doesn’t know how to make her dream come true with her mother in the way.

The King is in love with Cath’s baked goods and her.  Most girls would die at the chance to get the King’s attention, but not Cath.  She has her eyes set on the jester.

Cath goes on crazy adventures until one adventure goes too far and puts her over the edge.

I love retellings and that is why Heartless was an enjoyable read for me.  I also don’t like cookie cutter endings, so again this read was good for me.  At times Cath was a bit annoying with her indecisiveness.  I enjoyed Hatta and Haigha-I think I spelled that right?? Chesire is always fun to read about. While reading I was curious what path Cath would choose, if it would choose her and how the Queen of Hearts became so cold.

If you enjoy Alice in Wonderland and retellings this story is for you.

I give Heartless 4/5 stars.


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