Marked Men Series Review

Marked Men Series Review

Katie and I read Marked Men  last year and really loved the series! Jay Crownover has become an auto buy author for us and we both have read all of her stuff. We told Lindsey way back when to read about the tattooed men as we think they are right up her alley! Well completely unplanned I did a reread at the end of October and beginning of November, and Lindsey started to read them at the same time. Katie did a reread of them right after us. So we are doing a massive review post from all three of us!!


Lindsey's review

4 Stars

Really enjoyed Rule and Shaw. Their individual awkwardness/troubles works great for each other. I also really like Rules friends and brother and can’t wait to read their stories.
I found Remy’s secret to be very predictable and some stuff with Gabe wasn’t all that surprising either but all in all I really liked how the story played out.
amanda's review 5 Stars (reread)

I just reread Rule after having read it a little over a year ago. I really loved it then and since Jay has become one of my favorite authors. I have been itching to reread these for a couple months and finally fit them in! I love that Rule is who he is and makes no apologies for it. He has his own issues that he buries deep and doesn’t let anyone in to see them. Shaw has loved Rule forever and he never really notices her. On the surface the seem like such opposites, but the both of them have parents trying to make them become something they aren’t. Rule however doesn’t care and pushes the issue while Shaw tries to appease hers. They both need each other more than they even know. Shaw loves all of Rules rough edges and he loves how she understands him and stick by him. I love reading about them trying to navigate the relationship waters. They both struggle with it, but learn they can work through it. I love all of the other characters we meet through out and am falling in love with them all over again!!

katie's review


Lindsey's review

4 Stars

I thought it was really good. I especially liked how their story wrapped up. Out of Rule and Jet I still like Rules story better. I’m curious to read about the rest of the Marked Men.

amanda's review4.5 stars (reread)
When ever I think back to the Marked Men I always seem to forget about Jet and Ayden. For whatever reason I have a hard time remembering their story. With that I forget how much I really like Jet. He is ready to jump into a relationship with Ayden, but she has a past she doesn’t want to show him and worries it will hurt him. Jet is a sexy rock star and he is a lot more swoony than I remember. Jet and Ayden are so right for each other and they are their own obstacles. Sometimes their story can be frustrating because of that. As always I love the part all the other characters play and how they are all one family.

katie's review


Lindsey's review

4 Stars

I really enjoyed his and Cora’s story. I felt so bad for Rome and what he has to go through. Makes you really appreciate the men and women who fight for our country.
I find it odd that this series basically ends the same every time-when the realization hits. I won’t say more because I don’t want to ruin anything, but someone always ends up in the same place as the last book. Also there are a lot of writing errors/typos through this series. It doesn’t effect how I feel about the stories, it’s just annoying. I really like reading about these Marked Men and their women!

amanda's review5 Stars (reread)
I absolutely love Rome and all his scars. I love being in his head, watching him fight his past and his direct approach to everything. Cora is my favorite woman in this series, she is feisty on the outside, but a little of a mess inside. Both of them are pretty stubborn and equally matched. I love how half pint and captain no fun fit together. They are such an odd combination, but really cute together. I really like the plot to their story too. It is different in a sense from the rest of the series and I really like that.

katie's review


Lindsey's review

4 stars

I really like Nash, but am not the biggest fan of Saint. Some of the stuff she was going thru was understandable and relatable, but how she dealt with it was kind of annoying and went on for too long. Your heart breaks for Nash with how awful his mother is-makes you real thankful for the ones you got. I was happy the book didn’t end like the first three, but dad that it ended like the last one with a blast from the past. It would be nice to have more variety. I was really hoping Royal would be next, but maybe she will be paired with Asa. I know we don’t get much from Royal, but I like her character.
Again, there seem to be a lot of printing errors, a theme in the series.
Overall I really like Nash and it was a good read. The couples stories have been different, but some stuff within the stories just gets repetitive.

amanda's review5 Stars (reread)
Oh Nash, I remember the first time through this series I wasn’t excited for Nash’s book and just wanted to get to Rowdy’s. I however found out I absolutely love Nash. He is the good guy of the group, which you wouldn’t think given his full body dragon tattoo. He isn’t all alpha-y and filled with attitude like the other guys, not that I don’t love them. He is much more mellow and chill, he helps offset Rule. I love his arc in the book and everything he goes through during it. I felt for him so much! Saint is also really different from the ladies in this series. They are a lot more outspoken, loud, and feisty. Saint is an average normal girl. She has a pretty normal background, she is shy, quiet, awkward, has low self-esteem, and little trust in men. I love that she isn’t over the top and I feel like she has a lot more normal issues and feels a lot more real. While she can be frustrating sometimes with her hang ups I love that Nash patiently pushes her. They have more of a slow burn relationship than a lot of other couples. I like the emotional side to this book. I think only these two would fit together, they are much more low key than everyone else. While the book isn’t my favorite of the series, Nash is my favorite guy!

katie's review


Lindsey's review

4 Stars

Rowdy is a great guy that has lost so much in his life. Salem is a fun loving girl who had a crappy upbringing. I can’t believe Salems father! How on earth could he be ok with what was happening to Poppy?! It’s sad to think that that kind of thing really happens in the world. I’m glad Rowdy and Salem found each other again and things fell into place like they were always meant to be that way.
Again, a lot of printing errors and I don’t like how this series basically ends the same every time. Drama doesn’t just happen in a hospital! Also I didn’t like how towards the end such a serious moment had to be taken over by sex. It ruins the importance of the message and what is happening at that point in the story.

amanda's review4.5☆ (Reread)
There are a few couples that are odd matches or wouldn’t seem like an obvious couple. Rowdy and Salem aren’t that, they appear exactly like they would make a good couple. Rowdy has always been the carefree  and funny guy. He gets thrown off his game when Salem shows up. They both work for Marked and both are tattooed and pierced. They both have pretty similar personalities and both are strong minded. I really liked their journey and trying to figure out the future and understand their past. I really liked Rowdy’s side story and how he was dealing with that. I did think sometimes there was a lot of focus that was on Poppy and less them. Granted a lot of it is set up for her SoD book. I really like them as a couple and of course love seeing all of the Marked characters!katie's review


Lindsey's review

4 Stars

Enjoyed Asa and Royals story. I hated Asa in Jet so it was nice to seem him change into a better person. Shows that when you have a second chance you better take it because chances are you won’t get another one.
I wanted to read more about Royal since the first time I met her in Rowdy. It was nice to get into her head and read about her life.
I thought the reason for the breakup was blown way out of proportion. Yes, I get what Asa was trying to do, but considering nothing happened it just seemed to turn into a much bigger deal than it had to be.
I’m sad this series is over because I want to read more about all of the characters futures!

amanda's review5 Stars (reread)
My favorite part about this book is being in Asa’s head. We know all about how bad things got for him and he has a criminal past. He is such and interesting character and I love seeing what makes him tick, he is such a complex guy. I love how funny of a combination it is, the criminal and the cop. I love that Royal won’t put up with Asa’s self deprecating crap and pushes him to understand he is who his past is. Asa is a well developed character and has evolved over the series, he just has a hard time understanding that. Both he and Royal have been welcomed into the Marked family with open arms. I love all the connections these characters have and still getting to read about all of them in the end. I absolutely love the epilogue and think it is a wonderful way to wrap up the series. I think Asa also sets up a lot of the couples from Saints of Denver, at the very least we meet all of them within Asa and Rowdy. This is one of my favorite New Adult/ Romance series I have read. I hadn’t read many when I first read these, but given how many I have read since then this series still stands above a lot of others. I love these Marked Men!katie's reviewI wasn’t sure how to feel about this book going into it (the first time), but I was pleasently surprised. It is one of my favorites of the series for sure! Asa is such and intriguing character. You never really know what to expect from him and that makes him that much more interesting. I loved being in his head and getting an understanding of how he thinks, especially of himself. Royal is a great character as well. She’s a hoot like the others and I love the effect she has on Asa. I of course loved all the bits and pieces we got from the other Marked characters cause I can really never get enough of them. I am so sad that this series had to end; it is honestly one of my absolute favorites. I am so happy that we still get little bits here and there in the Saints of Denver series. I love Jay Crownover; she is a wonderful author of wonderful books and wonderful characters that are easy to love!

Favorite Couple

Lindsey: Rome and Cora

Amanda: Rome and Cora

Katie: Shaw and Rule

Favorite Guy

Lindsey: Nash

Amanda: Nash

Katie: Rule

Favorite Girl

Lindsey: Shaw

Amanda: Cora

Katie: Shaw

Favorite Book

Lindsey: Rule

Amanda: Rome

Katie: Rome


Rule on Amazon    Rule on Barnes and Noble   Rule on iBooks

Jet on Amazon   Jet on Barnes and Noble   Jet on iBooks

Rome on Amazon   Rome on Barnes and Noble   Rome on iBooks

Nash on Amazon   Nash on Barnes and Noble   Nash on iBooks

Rowdy on Amazon   Rowdy on Barnes and Noble   Rowdy on iBooks

Asa on Amazon   Asa on Barnes and Noble  Asa on iBooks




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