Corps Security Series Review

I bought the massive paperback with all 5 novels and one novella a couple months ago. I had seen good review and I enjoy anything military related, I loved Laura Kaye’s Hard Ink series. I really liked the series, it is quite dark at times and the characters have  a lot of scars and hard pasts to work through. I really like reading about characters dealing with a bit of emotional struggles. This series definitely had that, there is a bit of violence and a lot of dark times from their pasts that can be a bit of a downer. In the end it is worth reading through their bad in order for them to find their happy.corps-securityamanda's review

Axel (Corps Security, #1)Axel by Harper Sloan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I bought the massive paperback if this series as I have heard really good things. I have read a couple other series that are former military men working in security of some type and I love that sub genre. Granted I think Axel had more of a focus on the past that Axel and Izzy share than the security and military connection. Either way I really liked it! I have read plenty of books with characters having rough pasts, but I don’t know how much harder things could have been on Izzy. She is an insane fighter to make it to where she has. Its awful to know what she suffered through and what tore her and Axel apart. She has a fantastic support system of Dee and Greg. They are both very protective of her and the best friends she could have. I was unsure of Axel at the beginning, he was filled with a lot of anger and was really intense. That calmed a bit as the book went on and he softened up. I love how through the whole thing how dedicated he is to Izzy and wants what is best for her. Their story is emotional and I enjoyed them healing together. We get a great taste of all the other men and get a bit of a feel for them, I REALLY like Greg and I am excited his book is next!!!

Cage (Corps Security, #2)Cage by Harper Sloan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Going in I was super excited to read Greg’s book, I really enjoyed his character in Axel and how protective he was over the women. He continues with that into his own book and is very protective over his family. He and Melissa have instant chemistry and are very attracted to each other when they meet. They do a little run around, but get together pretty quickly. There is a secret between them that offered some drama, but not too much. I liked their biggest problem towards the end, though some of it was kind of rushed. The book does some jumping around a bit and skips ahead to parts of their relationship, which at points was nice others maybe not. I liked how intense they were together and I loved the bond with her nephew! The last quarter of the book was very fulfilling and I loved where their relationship went. I enjoyed the overall story for them. The only arc I wasn’t thrilled about was all the Mandy drama. In the end I love where their relationship went and really like them together.

Beck (Corps Security, #3)Beck by Harper Sloan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really really liked the emotional complexity of Beck and especially Dee. I really enjoyed reading about what she had gone through and her fight to get better. Beck is such a white knight for her. He stick by her when she doesn’t even want him to, he continues to fight for her unlike everyone else. Their story has been my favorite so far and Beck is my favorite corps man. I was suprised the turn the story took and it was a really emotional book.

Uncaged (Corps Security, #3.5)Uncaged by Harper Sloan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

eep more Cage!!! I loved them before and I love them more now! Cohen is super adorable and I loved his povs and the bonus of his later! I really liked the emotional story and their battle to fight. They are just the most adorable family. I liked seeing some more of Locke, he seems like such they mystery man in this series and I can’t wait to finally get in his head!!
Cooper (Corps Security, #4)Cooper by Harper Sloan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Holy alpha Mr. Cooper! With the way Beck ended I wondered what was gonna go down in Cooper. I liked that this book felt a little different from the others. Chelcie and him have gone through a lot of recent trauma and it was nice to leave some of the threats behind for a little bit. I liked that a lot of the book focused on them and how they are coping. It was nice to read about a much more unique relationship, I liked that it was something new! Their chemistry like the others is fantastic and I love them together. I am excited though to finally get to the couple I have been wondering about all series!!! bring on Maddox and Emmy!!!

Locke (Corps Security, #5)Locke by Harper Sloan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have been super excited to read Emmy and Locke’s story for a while. We have some what of an idea about them going in, but just don’t know the details. Locke has always been so closed off it was nice to learn more about him. I love how feisty Emmy is, I didn’t expect that from her. I liked that their story wasn’t overly dramatic. It was about Locke opening himself up and letting Emmy help him. I was very happy to see Locke healing. I really enjoyed the sneak into all of their futures and updates on the growing families!!
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