Stripped Series by Emma Hart

I got Stripped Bare on sale a while back and had heard really good things about it. I had a gap until Beautiful by Christina Lauren was released and rather than read something on my TBR I decided to jump on a kindle read. I must have been in mood from reading Styx not long ago to read another stripper book. I loved Stripped Bare so much I jumped into Stripped Down right away and pushed back Beautiful. Both books exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them! The super hot covers don’t even do West and Beck justice of how amazing they are! My Reviews and buy links are below!

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Stripped BareStripped Bare by Emma Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This wasn’t even on my tbr for the month but the walk of shame boys must have pushed me to read this. I loved this book! It has a bit of comedy thrown in with the romance. The storyline was a lot of fun and there was good situational comedy. I loved the premise to their relationship and the tension between them. West is cocky, filthy, sweet, fun and a stripper. Mia is practical most of the time, smart, sexy and a relationship dud. They chemistry is flaming hot. They have a pull that they couldn’t fight even if they tried. Stripped Bare had all the elements to make a fantastic story, funny, dirty, interesting, and romantic. I freaking loved this book and I really liked beckett so I am super excited to read his book!

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Stripped Down (Stripped #2)Stripped Down by Emma Hart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

holy crap is this book fantastic! We find out about the setup for Stripped Down in the epilogue for Stripped Bare. Cassie is a single mom and works at one of Beck’s strip clubs. It starts of explaining some of the night they got drunk and got married. Once they figure out what happened they then plan to take care of it and go back like nothing ever happened, but it’s never that simple. Beck won’t go away and becomes a bigger part of Cassie and her daughter’s life. Similar to West, he won’t just go away when he finds someone he wants. Beck is a smart ass with dirty on the mind all the time, but a very good person when it comes down to it and has a sweet spot for Cassie and her daughter. Cassie is very protective of her daughter and leery about growing attached to Beck when he could leave her any day. She often closes herself of to a relationship and doesn’t want her daughter to grow attached. Their story pack much more of an emotional punch than I ever expected! I expected the many funny and sexy parts of their story, but I didn’t expect all the emotions. Beck and Cassie, along with her daughter, just fit together so seamlessly as a family. While Beck is viewed as a rich guy that girls just want for his money and looks, nobody really sees all of him. He has such a cute and sweet side with her daughter and it makes him even sexier. I loved their dynamics and how much they fell for each other. Beck always says the sweetest thing that hit Cassie right in the heart. I was invested in them as a family and I loved reading their story. Beck is one of the best book boyfriends I have read recently, he is the entire package. He wants to make Cassie and her daughter happy however he can in whatever way. Sometimes it the sweet little things they need that make their lives better. I was swooning like crazy over the guy. I would have never guessed how sweet this book would have been from the hot cover! This book is the full package as far as I am concerned. I highly recommend these books to anyone who enjoys romance, you won’t regret it!

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