A Torch Against The Night Review

torchLindsey's review

I was really excited when book number two hit the shelves!

In An Ember in the Ashes, we leave off with Elias and Laia on a mission to get Laia’s brother Darin out of Kauf prison.

In the sequel, Elias and Laia are on their mission, Helene, as Blood Shrike is ordered to bring Elias to his execution, the Commandant is up to no good, and the Night Bringer is up to his own games.

Laia and Elias have some trouble getting away from the Empire.  They go through many challenges.  Something happens to Elias earlier on in the story and I find it interesting how he ends up getting out of it.  The resolution of this problem makes me very curious how it will play out in the next couple of books.

Laia discovers something special about herself that comes in very useful.  She doesn’t get a full grasp of this new talent until late in the book.

I find Laia to be a little too dependent on Keenan in the story.  When Elias denies her, she puts her effort into Keenan and as a result, isn’t the same ole Laia.

I like Afya’s presence in the story.  I think she is a strong female character and I like her punch.

I don’t want to say much more without giving too much away.  There are exciting twists and turns.  Some enemies I didn’t expect, others seemed iffy from the beginning.  There are events that happen in many of the characters lives that made me sad and were very unexpected.  I like the events leading up to the ending, but not the ending itself.  It was a little flat for me.  I am still very interested in what will happen next on this great adventure!

I enjoyed Ember a tad bit more than torch.  I give it 4/5 stars.


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