Empire of Storms Review

The Throne of Glass series is one of our favorite series, so my sister and I jumped on Empire of Storms when we got our B&N editions. We love talking about this series and debating who is better Chaol or Dorian, we both however agree that Rowen is amazing! Sarah Maas is one of my personal favorite authors and always writes such intricate and complex novels and I think Empire of Storms lives up to that.

empire-of-stormsamanda's review4.5☆
I loved the different stories going on through out this book. It still amazes me how complex Sarah Maas creates these worlds and how interwoven everything is. I really liked all the ups and downs and trying to figure out what everything meant in the long run. I think the character development was wonderful! There are a few pairings of characters that has been foreshadowed in the past and new ones created in this book that make for interesting dynamics. I really enjoyed the Elide and Lorcan arc and their journey to find people and items. This was just a hair behind Queen of Shadows for me,  but I think the writing is some of the best in the series. I love all of these characters and I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

katie's review


I liked this book, it was definitely interesting and well written, but not as much as Queen of Shadows which I thought was absolutely wonderful and is still my favorite of the series. The book confused me a bit throughout with all the different places, people, and things that had to be done. It was also hard sometimes trying to figure out if certain information we were suppose to remember from previous books or if it was something new. I liked the many different perspectives and getting to know more about all the characters and what was going on in their part of world. I liked when they all interconnected the most. I’m still not a huge fan of one of the pairings, but that could eventually change, we’ll see. I was hoping for more about a certain character, but we unfortunately didn’t get that. For some reason it took a good 150 pages for me to really get into the book. I don’t know what it was, but it didn’t hold my attention as well, maybe because there is so much information to absorb. Once it picked up it got much better for me. There were a lot of funny as well as cute moments throughout the book that I really liked, many including Rowan =) The last 100 pages or so get really intense and action packed. There were many twists and turns along the way and it didn’t end at all how I thought it would. However, I felt like more could have been accomplished by the end of the book, especially for how long it is. I could say more to explain that better, but I don’t want to spoil anything. I am so anxious to find out how it all is going to end and how everyone is going to fare in the next and final book; I know it’ll be a good one!


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