Billionaire Bad Boys by Max Monroe 

 I had seen these books pop up a lot on amazon and saw them mentioned on social media and thought I should look into these. I read some descriptions and my interest was piqued. I had been in the mood for some good rom com kind of books and this series hit that spot perfectly! They were so much fun and I am super excited for the next book in October!


amanda's review



This book was so much fun to read! It has all the things I look for in a romance; humor, swoony hero, heat, and fun or unique plotline. I love Kline, is so swoon worthy, dirty, and funny. I liked that he wasn’t a stereotypical boss or rich guy, he wasn’t cliché. I think it made to story feel more real and enjoyable. I think Georgia was adorable. she was so cute with everything going on and I really liked her development in the story. I love how cute of a couple they are and their chemistry is fantastic! I was thoroughly entertained by the story and I am super excited to get more from them. Oh and that epilogue was friggen perfect!!

tap-heramanda's review


This novella was freaking hilarious!!! Everything involving Walter was awesome!! I laughed out loud multiple times while reading it. We get some from Kline and Georgia’s honeymoon and get our fix of steamy from them. We also get some povs from Cassie and Thatch. It is great setup of for their book. They are so the same person its not even funny… except it actually is funny. I loved all the situations they found themselves in and we still got some swoony and dirty Kline! I was thoroughly entertained.

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I absolutely love Thatch and Cassie. They both have a fantastic sense of humor! I highlighted many parts that were that made laugh out loud. I was so entertained by their back and fourth through out. I loved that their story was unique and I have never read a journey like theirs before. I really liked seeing their relationship evolve from friends who prank each other to crazy love. I really enjoy these group of friends and I am excited to read more. I really enjoyed the big fat f*cking epilogue and that we get a taste of Winnie and Wes!!

bank-heramanda's review


I already love Thatch and Cassie and I was really excited to see how their new development would affect them. I really liked Thatch’s part and how sweet, yet creepy he was with his concerns. They continued to be cute, but my favorite parts were about Wes and Winnie. I am so excited about their story. I loved all the povs we got from them and I ate up everything about them in this novella. I have a feeling at the end they may be my favorite couple!


October 25th                                                   November 29th

Scoring the Billionaire on Amazon                        Scoring Her on Amazon

Scoring the Billionaire on B&N                                      Scoring Her on B&N


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