Well Hung Review 

I have read Big Rock, but haven’t gotten to Mr.O yet. So I have read a rom com by Lauren Blakely before. I liked Big Rock, but I loved Well Hung. It was really funny and super sweet! I love being in Wyatt’s head. He is funny in his thoughts and him and Natalie are funny together. I told my sister a few times while reading that I thought it was really funny. It was a great balance of funny, sexy, and sweet. It was the perfect amount of steamy. Both Natalie and Wyatt are dirty talkers and have a tendency to be risky about where they are getting frisky. I really liked how sweet Wyatt is. He isn’t some reformed man whore is a genuinely sweet guy who has been burned in the past. I loved their storyline. I think the drama was handled perfectly and realistically. Many other novels would have used their drama as a way to run not fight. I loved that it wasn’t a cookie cutter storyline. Natalie and Wyatt have a fun up and down and take an unconventional way to find their happy ending. I really liked this read! If you are looking for a light and fun romance this is perfect! Now I need to get on reading Mr.O! * I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

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