The Debt by Karina Halle Review

I absolutely love the all the McGregor books by Karina Halle! They also happen to have some of my all time favorite covers! The Debt can be read as a standalone and you do not need to read any other of her books to enjoy it! I do recommend reading them at some point though as they are great!
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the debtamanda's review

4 Stars
I have loved all the McGregor men so far and Keir is now exception. The Play has been my favorite so far, a lot having to do with the emotion and story surrounding Lachlan and his demons he battle. That was what I loved about The Debt. Jessica and Keir have a lot of demons in their past that they need to fight their way through. I loved that emotional aspect to the story and their battles with PTSD. I liked seeing how they helped each other become stronger in their battles, but they still have outside support systems. I really liked how even with all their pasts they didn’t let it cloud their future. They both have things to work through and it isn’t great all the time, but that’s how life is. It was raw and emotional. I loved that aspect of the story, that is the story that I want to read about. It isn’t a McGregor book without some heat too!! Needless to say Keir is just as swoony as his relatives and him and Jessica have some steamy times through out. We also get a couple cameos from Lachlan, hehe I swooned over him all over again! I really recommend The Debt, even if you have never read another book of hers it can be read as a standalone.

katie's review

4 Stars

I thought this was a very interesting story. It was unique and I enjoyed that I hadn’t read something like this before. It wasn’t my favorite of the series, but it wasn’t my least favorite either. I liked the 1st half of the book more. It held my attention better and I liked seeing Keir and Jessica’s relationship begin. I thought it was a little off that all of a sudden they decide to go on a road trip. It felt oddly timed and it made me think I missed something. I enjoyed Keir and Jessica’s characters. They have such a tragic and rough past and it has such a strong influence on the present; it makes them really strong and brave that they can persevere and live life like they do. I think they are a perfect couple. Obviously they have problems that they have to overcome, but they complement each other so well and it really makes them perfect for each other. I loved the few times that the rest of the McGregor men were mentioned, it brought a smile to my face. I really hope there is still a chance at having more McGregor books written cause these are by far my favorite Karina books and I would love for them to keep going.


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