The Selection Series

The Selection: Love

The Elite: Annoyed

The One: Back to Love

The Heir: Did this really have to be written?

The Crown: Alright.

Happily Ever After: Was hoping for more.

When I finished The Selection, I really enjoyed the book!  Maxon is a great male character!  America is a great female character.  Even though the selection process is like The Bachelor, I enjoyed this so much more.  (I’ve only watched a half season of The Bachelorette: I am from WI and I was curious when Jordan Rodgers was put on the show).

I liked how America was real with the situation right off the bat and wasn’t afraid to be herself.  The connection that she had with Maxon was really fun to read about.  I also like the threat of the rebels added to the story to add some action.

Throughout the Elite I was annoyed.  America bugged me the whole book.  I did not like her indecisiveness between Aspen and Maxon.  I do not like cheaters.  Some may argue that Maxon was technically doing the same thing, but I think the situation is different: his predicament is out in the open.

It was sad to find out how the King truly is and how much of a nightmare Gregory Illea was.

The One: The wrap up of events was exciting.  Many surprises with the selection and the rebels.  America still makes me mad in the beginning, but at least with all of the chaos going on it was easier to forget about.  I was surprised with a few things concerning the final battle, but all in all happy with things in the end.

With the next book being called The Heir, I was nervous.  I’m always nervous when characters are going to be switched around.  I’m either ok with it or I’m not.  I don’t really have in inbetween.  I really enjoyed reading about Maxon and America, so I was not to keen on having to switch over to their children.

I don’t like Eadlyn at all.  She is an entitled brat.  I also don’t find this selection process that likable.  I think Maxon’s selection had a lot better characters then Eadlyn’s does.  Yes there are some that I like, but I think there is a lot more to the characters from the first half of the series.  Sometimes it feels like the process of the selection isn’t even happening.  I don’t know if this has anything to do with reading from the point of view of ‘the prize’ versus the selected.  The selected in the first three books have to go through challenges and you learn a lot more about their personalities and I liked that.

I was also sad to see how May, America’s sister ended up.  She was so fun and loveable in the other books and here she just feels like a grown-up doing whatever.  I had higher hopes for her.

The events at the very end left me curious, but once I finished this book I thought this series should have ended after The One.

Wrapping up with The Crown was not exciting for me.  Miss Katie let the beans spill while I was reading The Heir, somewhere along the lines of: ‘Eadlyn and _____ are ok, but they’re no America and Maxon’, so I already new who Eadlyn was going to choose.  I really don’t understand why the book ended with that decision.  I get that there were hints of it here and there, but with how other relationships were written, I don’t think she should have ended up with the guy that she did.

Marid was pointless to me.  At least with the addition of him, the process was forced to speed up which meant the story went quicker.

You find some things out about Hale and Lady Brice and those were nice little additions to the story.

The epilogue was a huge fail!  I was lucky enough to have a Barnes and Noble edition where they have the bonus six years later.  I don’t understand why that part wasn’t the epilogue.

Overall, I am not sure why these last two were even written.  Why fix something that isn’t broken?

Happily Ever After

While reading The Selection series, the queen is a sweet, likable person.  After reading her story I wasn’t so fond of her anymore.  There are just some situations that I could never see me putting myself in and it just makes me mad/sad when I read stories where people do that.

I loved The Favorite! Reading about Marlee and Carter’s situation was enjoyable-not that their troubles were, I just really like their story.

I was hoping for more of Aspen’s and Lucy’s story of how they got together.

Overall the stories, besides the favorite, were just ok for me. I would have been happy if the series was just the first three books along with Happily Ever After.


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