Cocky Bastard and Stuck-Up Suit Review

I found these two beauties at Half Price books a month ago and I was so freaking excited. I have had them on my TBR for a while, I read some Penelope Ward recently and loved all of it! Playboy Pilot is out next month and I really wanted to read these two before that come out. I am so glad that I did! cocky bastard

amanda's review5 Stars!!!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I have read a few Penelope Ward books and I loved them all, I also have a few Vi Keeland books on my TBR that I have been itching to read. I really wanted to dive into this and Stuck-Up Suit before Playboy Pilot comes out next month.  One of my favorite things about Penelope is how she can create such an emotional story with great characters, that is exactly what was delivered in Cocky Bastard. Chance is said cocky bastard, he is funny, insightful, sexy, and sweet. He is Australian too! Aubrey has a more conservative side to her that she seems to cling to. She also has a sassy side with a fun sense of humor and a little of a dirty side. Chance helps her show her side she tends to hide and really opens her up more. They have such a great and humorous connection. They have a great back and fourth early on and it continues thorugh out the book. I really liked the storyline and it was unique, which I really enjoyed. I did not see it coming at all and really liked the twist. I love how determined and commited Chance was to Aubrey and how he would stop at nothing to make things right again. I really felt for Aubrey, because she was put through a lot and she is left in a really ahrd place. I loved how much emotion I felt from these characters and how much I cared for them. To me that really makes a book for me. I love the “second chance” they get. I loved the journey these characters went on and I can’t wait to get to Stuck-Up Suit. I will also say I have never loved a goat more!!

stuck up suitamanda's review4 Stars!

Stuck-Up Suit is a great way to describe the Graham we meet. He went through a couple things in his past that have hardened him to those around him. He doesn’t pay attention to those around him and keeps to himself. Soraya is inadvertently introduced into his life. She is the complete opposite of him and the only person willing to call him on all his crap. They live very different lives, but find a way to connect. Soraya has had a bit of family trouble in her past and it has harmed her outlook on a love life of her own. Both have reservations about any type of relationship, but can’t deny that there is something strong between them that even they can’t fight. They have a quirky relationship and have very entertaining banter. I liked the surprise to the story and really didn’t expect it. I liked how somethings from the past came full circle in the end. Some of the choices they made towards the end I wasn’t happy with, but I could understand why they made them even though I didn’t like it. I loved that they end up in Hermosa Beach at one point and see an Aussie with a goat! 😉 I think the story packed some good emotion, not as much as Cocky Bastard. I loved the epilogue and thought it left them in a very sweet spot and shows how thing will work out for the family.


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