Sapphire Affair and Sapphire Heist Review

I have read a few Lauren Blakely books in the past and I was excited to read something a little different from her. I have read some of her rom coms lately and I was interested to read something with a more mysterious storyline.


amanda's review

4 Stars

I liked the storylines to Sapphire Affair. I really liked the budding relationship between Jake and Steph. They have a pull they keep fighting, but they seem to be losing that battle. I really enjoyed the investigation side to the story. It didn’t feel predictable and I am very interested in what us going to happen. It was a nicely rounded story and I am excited to read Sapphire Heist!

sapphire.heistamanda's review

4 Stars

I really liked the storyline to Sapphire Heist! I was very into figuring out who was doing what and what the truth was. I didn’t think it was predictable and I was interested the entire story. I liked the romance between Steph and Jake, but I don’t think it was the focus and I liked that. I liked their up and down and it felt natural to me. I enjoyed the two books especially because it is different from my typical read.

Both books were quite quick reads, each around 200 pages. The only downside is its in third person, which isn’t a favorite of mine. I think the overall story of both is a really intriguing read. The story weaves and flows very nicely, I think it is complex and has many layers that I enjoyed trying to figure out. This was my favorite part of the story, that isn’t to say that the romance isn’t good. Steph and Jake pack the kind of heat I have come to expect from Lauren Blakely. Jake and Steph are complex characters that show may layers that make them who they are. I really liked reading about all the problems they are dealing with and trying to balance everything. I enjoyed the journey of their story and how their relationship grew and hit it’s bumps. I thought they were very well rounded novels and created a great balance I enjoyed.



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