It Ends With Us By Colleen Hoover

Spoiler Alert!!!

I did not know the subject going into this story, but to better help my review I’m going to say what it is.  Like always I will try to keep most points spoiler free, but if you want to be totally surprised going into the book then DO NOT continue!


This book is about a girl named Lily.  She once lived in Maine, but has moved to Boston.  She loves to garden and her dream is to one day own a floral shop.  In Maine, at her parents house, she would garden in the back yard to help calm her down when things got rough.  Her apartment in Boston does not give her that luxury.  She googles different apartment buildings with rooftops and that is her new escape.

One night when she is on the rooftop trying to forget life for awhile, a man comes storming onto the rooftop clearly angry about something.  Eventually the two start to talk and start something called naked truth.  They say to each other naked truth and are completely honest with each other, speaking their minds.  This mans name is Ryle Kincaid.

Lily doesn’t see Ryle again for awhile.  She quits her job and uses her savings to finally open her flower shop.  Immediately she finds an eager person to hire who just so happens to be Ryle’s sister.

The first night Ryle meets Lily he tells her that he does not do relationships, but something about Lily keeps him coming back for more.

One evening, a series of events happen and Ryle ends up pushing Lily and she gets hurt.  Lily has a whole bunch of different emotions running through her.  Her father did this to her mother and now the man that she loves is doing it to her.

Lily ends up running into Atlas, her first love, at a restaurant.  She never fully let him go.  So now, adding to the stress, Atlas is thrown into the mix.

Any form of abuse is a tough subject to talk about and it makes it a sad story.  Through the story Lily says things about her mom, not understanding how she could stay with a man who would hurt her.  The things Lily was thinking are close to how I feel on the subject.  Once Lily has to go through the situation herself, I was able to see things through a different point of view and it made me think a lot more.

Ryle is a very likable guy until he starts to hurt Lily.  You learn something about his life and why he gets angry-not that that excuses anything!

Atlas is also a very likable character.  You don’t always get to hear a lot from him, but when he is in the picture I don’t want him to go away.  He starts out in the story with a very tough life.  What Lily does for him is remarkable.  When I was her age, I don’t know if I would have done what she did for Atlas.  I would probably have thought about helping or told my parents about the situation, but I don’t think I would have just taken the initiative like Lily did.

I love how Ellen DeGeneres is incorporated into the story!  Gave me a little chuckle.  Just Keep Swimming!

In this story it was nice to see dreams made, people reconnected, relationships made better, but also sad to see the tough times that people really do go through without others noticing.  Even though Lily gets put in a situation where things could end up worse if she chooses a certain path, I’m glad she decided ‘It ends with us.’

This isn’t my favorite coho book, but I still really enjoyed it.  With everyone sharing their feelings on the book, I was surprised I didn’t cry-Colleen’s books usually make me cry.

I give this story 4/5 stars.


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