Matchmaker’s Replacement Review

Katie and I are big Rachel Van Dyken fans. We read The Matchmaker’s Playbook when it first came out and ad The Matchmaker’s Replacement pre-ordered. We both had the paperback, but were able to get the kindle in motion version for .99cents because we already bought the paperback. We didn’t want to miss out on the fun!

matchmakers.replacementamanda's review

I was so excited for this book because of the kind of relationship Gabi and Lex have in Matchmaker’s Playbook. It so lived up to that! They have so much fun banter between them through it all. They match each other so well. I really liked being in Lex’s head and seeing what he really thought of everything, he is more than the evil villain he projects. I love his character so much, villain and all! He is witty, sassy, and sweet! Gabi is adorable, she is so innocent and the total opposite of Lex in that light. Its so cute how much Gabi affects Lex. I loved seeing his softer side with Gabi. I loved their story and how Ian plays a role in what they are doing. I liked the kindle in motion part, but it didn’t add a lot to the story. I liked the different backgrounds more! This story was a lot of fun moments and very cute!

katie's review

Close to 4.5☆, but not quite. I liked this one more than The Matchmaker’s Playbook though. I loved the storyline of this book and laughed out loud many times. Lex and Gabi are absolutely hilarious together, whether they’re enemies, friends, more, they’re really a hoot! I loved being in their heads and getting to know their true feelings even if they don’t express them often. They’re just really funny, yet completely adorable and I loved seeing the progression of both of them from beginning to end =)


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