Up in Flames and Rosemary Beach Review 

amanda's review

I read the first 8 books in this series last august. I read the next 4 in December when The Best Goodbye came out. The series finale, Up in Flames came out earlier this summer so I wanted to do a full reread the prepare for the end. I flew through these the first time that I read them and I flew through them the second time too!

abbi glines covers

Fallen Too Far, Never Too Far, Forever Too Far, and Rush Too Far

Rush & Blaire

For the most part I really enjoyed these 4 books. I like Rush a lot, but he has more than his share of screw ups and baggage. He has a good heart and cares so much for Blaire though. Blaire can become frustrating at times and she constantly puts herself last, she tends to believe others will put her last too. She was mostly frustrating in Never Too Far as she won’t communicate with Rush because she thinks he won’t care about her. Once I get over that the story is interesting and fun to read about all the drama.

Twisted Perfection and Simple Perfection

Woods & Della

I liked both Twisted Perfection and Simple Perfection. I liked reading about what Della was dealing with and what she had to go through to deal with it during the two books. She really had a journey in the two books and really developed and grew through out. Woods is really crazy about her and will jump through fire for her. He can be a bit overprotective at times and has to work on that, but he is very sweet with her. We also get to meet Tripp which was fun and see his friendship with Della. Some of the storyline was a little dragged out, but some of it was very interesting. I really enjoyed all of the Kerrington country club storylines and liked seeing all of that from Woods.

Take a Chance and One More Chance

Grant & Harlow

Grant and Harlow are my favorite couple in this series. Their story is so much more emotional and raw. I love Grant, he is swoon worthy. He is so taken by Harlow and has some trouble handling that at first. I really liked what we saw from him in the first 6 books, I knew going in I was really going to like him. He is a bit of a man whore, but he has such a big heart. He has a tender and sweet side he doesn’t show very often. I loved getting to see the other side to him and how much better of a person Harlow makes him! Harlow and Grant are really cute together, they have  a lot more to overcome than any other couple. Harlow is sweet and quiet, but very strong. She hasn’t been dealt a great hand in life, but she doesn’t use that as an excuse. She is so kind and selfless and has a positive outlook on life. I was a lot more invested in them and their story. I particularly loved One More Chance. The storyline was fantastic and emotional.

You Were Mine


Tripp & Bethy

From the first half of the series we have seen bits and pieces of the two of them and we know that there is a history there, but no idea the depths of it. We have a good idea of who they are as individuals. Bethy has been around since the beginning of the series and we have seen her downward spiral since Jace’s death. I liked the little pieces we got from the past to get a better understanding of who they are. I think the storyline was good and I think it was handled very well considering their circumstances. Bethy has to cope with having feeling for Jace and Tripp and being able to reconcile his death and her feelings for Tripp. I really liked their story and really like Tripp. I thought the ending was really interesting and loved everything that Tripp did to cement things.

When I’m Gone and When You’re Back

Mase & Reese

Mase Colt Manning is a white knight cowboy, that is the best way to describe him. He is protective, but in an alpha kind of way. He treats Reese like she is precious, he is super protective of her and outs her before all else. I think a lot of their drama comes from outside sources more than from the two of them. I liked that that was different from some of the previous stories. There was also a heavier tone to these books than the others. Reese has a very dark past and has been through hell. Mase stick by her through all of it and tries to help her live a better life. We get a lot more Major and Captain and get an insight into what their books will give us. There is a whole new storyline with them that I didn’t expect and caught me off guard. I really like Mase!

The Best Goodbye

BestGoodbyeCover.cropRiver & Addy

River and Addy have a huge history and a lot of secrets from their time apart. I really like the storyline for their book. Its very unique in the series and I liked that there is a different feel to it. I liked seeing another side to River and seeing what has been going on in his head all this time. Addy is very sweet and kind and a really good mom. Franny is adorable and I liked everything involving her.

Up In Flames


2.5 ☆ I was so excited for Nan’s story, I was excited to see her get a happily ever after. I was also excited to be in Major’s head. He was amusing and entertaining in previous books. I hated the storyline to this book. It was nothing like any other Rosemary Beach book. I enjoyed being in Nan’s head, but het storyline was terrible. I thought she looked like an idiot at times with what was really going on around her. I hated the Gannon storyline. I think it made Nan look weak not strong like she thought. I was not expecting how much of a dom and sub story it would be and it didn’t feel like it fit. All of the other books have sweet moments that show how much this couple makes sense and I never saw that in this book. I didn’t like the end either and was just trying to get it over with at the end. I don’t understand why she wrote it the way she did given what happens at the end. I hate that I am ending this series  with a bad taste in my mouth.

I really like this series overall and love reading them, my only exception being Up In Flames. I love these characters and I am sad it’s over. 



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