Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Reviews

harry potter


Lindsey's review

The Boy Who Lived lives on!

I was excited, but nervous when I opened this book.  The Harry Potter series is such an amazing series and now, after all this time, another book comes out.  It was a little worry-some that it wouldn’t live up to the hype.

For me this came really really close to 5 stars.  I read a lot of comments on goodreads, about how people just think its bad fanfiction, but I really enjoyed the story/play.  The reason I can’t give it a solid 5, is because in the beginning I did not like all the jumping around to get to the age the boys needed to be.  I get that had to happen with it being a script/play, but if it was a true story, I would have liked more.

I like that Albus and Scorpius became friends.  A Potter and a Malfoy.  I enjoyed these new characters.  I liked Scorpius’ character-and no not just because I was pro Draco, bad boy back in the day haha-but Scorpius is funny and has wit.  It was fun reading about these boys adventures, it brought me back to the trio’s first big adventure in the sorcerers stone.

I really enjoyed reading about the characters I grew to love in the first place.  It was fun reading them as older people and seeing what they were now doing with their lives.  Without giving anything away, I’ll just say how I like how the two generations came together at the end.

The story has a nice little twist.  I never really thought about the ‘twist’ being a possibility.  But, no matter where there is light, some darkness can be found.


amanda's review

Being able to go back into one of my favorite worlds ever created was a dream come true. I loved that it was about the kids and the adults. We got to see the flaws and struggles they face in their everyday life and that things aren’t smooth sailing yet. I loved all the characters we got to see and revisit given what the boys attempt to do. There were several moments I laughed out loud, mostly from Ron. Honestly this could have been awful and I still would have loved it because of these characters. I loved getting to see the struggles Albus deals with being who he is and his unlikely friendship. The friendship is my favorite part from the story and how much Potter’s value it. I am on a wizarding high!


katie's review

I absolutely loved it! I mean how can you not? It’s more Harry Potter, and you can never have enough Harry Potter! I loved being in the future and seeing where all the beloved characters are now as well as their children. Albus really struggles with where he fits in and how he compares to his dad. So Hogwarts is hard for him at times. I love that he’s friends with Scorpius, it’s quite ironic. Friendship is obviously a big part of the original 7 books so of course it’s going to be a big part of this book too. I loved the storyline and how everything turns out in the end. It was just absolutely wonderful and I’m sad that it’s all done.


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