Stepbrother Dearest and Roomhate Review

A few weeks back I hit a Penelope Ward jackpot at Half Price Books, I found Stepbrother Dearest, Roomhate, Cocky Bastard, and Stuck-Up Suit. I had wanted to read them before I even bought them, owned Roomhate on my kindle already. I really wanted to read at least Stepbrother Dearest before Neighbor Dearest comes out next month, a standalone spin off. I am a member of her reader group on Facebook and have heard really good things about both of these books, they definitely meet the high expectations. I read both in one sitting each, including staying up ’til 3am to finish Stepbrother Dearest. They both has such wonderful emotional stories that I couldn’t put down, I highly recommend them!

stepbrother dearest
amanda's review

I really liked that this books was spilt in two parts, when they were teens and when they meet again later. I loved getting to actually read about the last versus having it told to me in the present. I was surprised how emotional of a read this was. There was so much more to Elec than I thought. Him and Greta had a fun relationship and intense chemistry. It made me root for them so much and hope they could figure out things when they met again. You get a taste of his point of view in a unique way. I liked it, but at times felt like it was more than I needed and I was anxious to see how things were gonna work out. I read the entire book in one sitting I was so drawn in. I loved the emotions and the story a lot. I am super happy I read it!


amanda's review

Oh gosh I loved the direction this story takes. It isn’t that long, but it feels really long and that is a good thing. Alike Stepbrother Dearest it is broken into two parts and is about a couple that were close in their teens but not as adults. Amelia and Justin are enemies when the story starts, but you can feel their chemistry and past friendship coming through. There as a plot twist I didn’t see coming and I won’t ruin it, but I am a sucker for that particular storyline. Their connection is so strong and Justin shows such a sweet side with Amelia. I liked the first part, but I loved the second part. I really liked the journey that they go through to get to their happy place. I loved how much they go through and how there is so much to their story.

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