Paper Princess and Broken Prince Reviews

I have heard a lot of things about Paper Princess before I read it myself, heck it was discussed during a Q&A at a Jennifer Armentrout signing I went to. I also heard that there is an epic cliffhanger at the end so I knew I didn’t want to read it until I would be able to read Broken Prince right after.

paper princessamanda's review

☆☆☆☆☆5 Stars☆☆☆☆☆

This book reminds me of One Tree Hill on crack. I read this in 24 hours and that includes a work day and a night of sleep. This book is dramatic, over the top, and filled with secrects, and twists and turns. I loved it!! I had such a hard time putting it doen, it was addictive. There is lots of teen age drama that is way more than high school kids should have. I felt like I was reading a teen age tv drama. The characters are fun and filled with secrets and hints about much darker things going on. I loved Ella and all the Royal boys, some times they can be asses, but you still love em. And I had heard there was a crazy cliffhanger at the end and boy was everyone right! I did not expect it and I am so glad I jave Broken Prince in my hand now so I can jump in. This book might be too much dramatics for some but I loved how extreme it is! It is like no book I have read.

broken princeamanda's review

☆☆☆☆☆5 Stars☆☆☆☆☆

So I may have or may have not read this entire book in 6 hours…holy crap is it great!!! I like the middle story line better in Paper Princess a little more than Broken Prince but oh my gosh that ending though! I thought Paper Princess had an epic cliff hanger, it has nothing in the ending of Broken Prince! The way these books can create such dramatic story line thats entertaining and filled with secrects sucked me in like crazy. These plot lines are so well woved and kept me on my toes. I think there was more angst in book two as well. A but more rough conflict that I didn’t  even know what I wanted to happen.  I also enjoyed that Broken Prince us split POV, it was very cool to be in Reed’s head. I still can’t get over the story and I have a feeling I will be in for a major book hangover! Gosh are these books fantastic! I know they may not be everyones cup if tea, especially if you don’t want over the top drama, but please give these a chance!!!


Paper Princess on Amazon

Paper Princess on B&N

Broken Prince on Amazon

Broken Prince on B&N



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