Wicked and Torn Review

I have had Wicked for a long time, but was waiting to read it until Torn came out. Anytime I get to read a new Jennifer Armentrout book I get super excited, especially a new series! This series is new adult paranormal, similar to her Titan series. Katie had read Wicked a while back and I knew it ended epically according to her so I waited until Torn was coming out so I could go right into the next one.


amanda's review

4 Stars!

I really like the world, similar to covenant and titan, the characters and plot line, but Tink is the best thing from this series. He adds a lot of fun and humor to the book and constantly had me smiling. Ivy is a really strong woman and has suffered a lot of loss along the way to becoming a good order member. Ren is just as strong a character, he has qualities that remind me of Aiden from the covenant series with a little Daemon from the lux series thrown in. He is sweet and genuinely good, but has some snark and swoon worthy that remind me of the two. They have really good chemistry and fight very well together. I enjoyed the plot, some of it I figured out parts ahead of time. I really like the journey and am excited to see what happens in Torn.


amanda's review

4 Stars!

I liked Torn even more than Wicked. Torn reminded me how well JLA can create villians you hate so much cough cough lux. The story had me sucked in about a 1/4 of the way in and it stayed that way. I had no idea how Ivy was going to get through what was going on and how things would shake out. She is put through a lot and has to find a way out and trust in others. I really like the story, but missed some characters at times. I like the set up for Brave which is out next year. I think it is set up to make for an interesting series end.

katie's review

4 Stars!

I’ve been impatiently waiting for this book to come out and it definitely did not disappoint! I liked this one a bit more than Wicked. This one is a bit more intense and I enjoyed that. I love the characters and how they handle everything that is thrown at them. Ren and Tink’s relationship is the best! They are absolutely hilarious and I love them! I also loved the many pop culture references in this book, it makes me smile. I’m a bit sad that there is only one more book left in the series, but I can’t wait for it once again; I know it’ll be wonderful as always =)

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Wicked on Amazon

Torn on Amazon

Wicked on B&N

Torn on B&N


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