Return to the Isle of the Lost

Who doesn’t love Disney?? Disney has been with me since I was a child and will be with me until I die!

This is the sequel to Isle of the Lost.  After you read the first book, either rent or buy the movie Descendants to see what happens next.  Then come on back to book two and read away!

In the return, the book starts off in Auradon. Our four villains; Mal, Jay, Evie, and Carlos, are enjoying their new lives in Auradon.  They’ve made new friends, don’t have to eat Auradons leftovers, and are free from their evil parents.

One day, Mal and the others get mysterious messages stating that they are not wanted in Auradon and that they should go back to the Isle of the Lost.  This isn’t the only mysterious happening-King Ben is being called to different parts of the kingdom to deal with strange purple creature sightings.  Did Maleficent get out of her cage?

Mal and her friends decide to sneak back to the Isle of the Lost and find out what is going on.  Things are not what they expect them to be.  When they get back they are sent on a new mission.  Looks like they have to save the kingdom all over again.

I like Disney, but in the beginning I found the story a little dull.  The characters were going through daily motions.  I found the story to pick up once the four went back home.   They try to figure out who sent them the messages, and i enjoy the mission they get sent on.  I felt the ending could have been more powerful.  The battle with the big and powerful purple creature seemed a little weak.  I do like how the ending lets you know its not really the end and more adventures will be coming.

Overall I give the story 3 out of 5 stars.


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