image.pngLast night I finished Gemina. I picked it up really late and had way over 400 pages to go, but I was going to finish it and at 1am I did!

Unfortunately, this story does not continue on with Kady and Ezra right away. I got invested in these characters, so I wasn’t happy that we had to switch to two new ones. I totally get why the story does though. It makes sense for how the story is set up. Just makes me nervous when I start reading and the people you’ve grown to like/love don’t have a strong presence anymore.

In Illuminae we leave off on Hypatia. Gemina is all about Hemidall-where Hypatia is trying to get to. Hanna, the captains daughter, Nik, a House of Knives gang member, and Ella, Niks cousin, are who the focus is on in book 2.

Terra day is coming up and everyone on Hemidall is either leaving the station to celebrate or prepping for celebration on board. You’re lucky if you were one of the ones leaving. Nik and the HOK are getting the party favors ready-inserting cows with a deadly parasite, but their slime is great for making dust. During the party, a group of 24 or so Beitech men and woman invade Hemidall and everything goes to hell. ‘They will just do their job. No one will get hurt.’ One of their accomplices was told. So not the case.

Hanna and Nik are meeting for a dust exchange and aren’t their for the Beitech invasion. Ella is in her room at her computers. 3 kids vs highly trained Beitech professionals. The story is about these three fighting for their lives and those on the ship while trying to out smart the Beitech squad. But can they save everyone before fleet Kennedy comes to destroy Hypatia and Hemidall?

I really liked this story too. Lots of action, betrayal, some gross parts with the parasites. Towards the end you find out exactly why the book is called Gemina. Gets a little confusing for awhile there.

There was one part at the end where you read a couple of pages about one thing only to flip the page and it’s the total opposite. It would have been nice to have a little space here, cause it just made me feel like why did I bother. I get creating the story to get a reaction out of the reader, but then prolong it a little bit to have the reading guessing.

At the end Kady and Ezra come back, which makes me happy, and everything wraps together. Curious to see what Beitech will try to do next since every plan they have keeps getting shut down.

You may be wondering through all this-How does she have a copy of Gemina? I was very lucky to have gotten a copy at bookcon. Jay and Aimee were there to sign it too!  You can get your hands on a copy early October! So stay chill, you’ll get to read it soon chum! 4/5🌟


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