July Reading Challenge

image  Hi everyone! On my Instagram-escapeintobookworld- I’m sure you saw my reading challenge for July! I’m glad you came by and are interested in participating with me! Here are the explanations for the days:

1-your to begin reading pile for july

2-using the first letter of a word in a title , spell out July

3-books, pictures, figures, get all your hp stuff together and take a pic!

4-take your red, white, and blue books and put them in the shape of the American flag or stars or both!

5-a book that is coming out soon that you can’t wait to get your hands on

6-a book that you really wish would be turned into a movie

7-take a pic of book spines

8-crafts that you made, bought, were given as a gift, that have to do with books. Could be pins, magnets, ornaments, drawings, stickers, anything you have-think handmade

9-the first book you ever bought. Doesn’t have to go back to your childhood. Just the first book you bought when you really started to get into reading

10-a picture of your favorite bookstore. Can’t get to the store? Take a pic of a receipt or price tag that has the store name on it

11-book and flowers. Don’t have access to flowers? Draw some

12-a picture of your signed books

13-a pic of a book with your funko products. Funko pops, mystery boxes, shirts, etc. don’t own anything funko? Take a pic of a book with a bookish figurine.

14-using one word from each title of a book, put together a sentence. Don’t get caught up on the common words such as the, a, and, etc. just fill those in if you have to

15-gather up some of your fav pictures out with friends, with an author, outings with the fam…and take a pic of them with a book

16-a pic of your book swag: bookmarks, totes, posters, DVDs, cards, don’t get this confused with bookish crafts. The crafts are more handmade items. This day is more store bought products.

17-a picture of the author you would love to meet or a pic of their books.

18-a pic of a book and your favorite sport. Love baseball? Then take a pic of a book with baseballs, jerseys, baseball hat, etc. don’t like sports? Take a pic of a book that made up its own sport. Quidditch anyone?

19-lots of books have maps in them. Gather em up a take a picture!

20-you reading outside. Hopefully today’s a nice day!

21-a pic of you and your books

22-what book left you really angry?

23-a pic of you and your friends that you talk about books with. Talk with ppl online? Share their Instagram names and give them a shout out.

24-if you could dive into any book and actually live in that world, which book life would you want to live and why. Doesn’t have to be a specific characters life, just the setting, fantasy world, etc.

25-what book left you wondering, what just happened?

26-a pic of a book and your fav summer food

27-book and stuffed animals

28-book and movie tickets

29-a book and something that you like to do to cool off in the summer

30-all the books you bought in July

31-all the books you read in July

I hope this explains the days well! Excited to see what everyone comes up with!! Don’t forget to tag your pics #freedomtoreadjuly16 Happy reading!


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