Eagle Elite Series Review

I have really wanted to get to this series and finally carved out the time as there are a lot of parts to it! I was very excited to jump in! I read RIP by Rachel Van Dyken when it came out late 2015 and I really enjoyed that. It is set in the same world with a little crossover, but can be read as a standalone as I did. I have also read a few other books by her, so I was anxious to read more from her and I have on heard great things about this series. 9 novels and 4 novellas, here we go!

I have copied the reading order from Rachel Van Dyken’s site as it is a little more complex of a order. I also linked to the site if you would like to check it out for yourself.

A special note from Rachel on the reading order of The Eagle Elite:

I keep getting asked what the “real” reading order for the Elite series is…so here you go the reading order and the explanations behind my insanity!!!! 

  1. Elite
  2. Elect
  3. Entice
  4. Elicit
  5. Bang Bang
  6. Enchant (Series prequel you can technically read after you’ve read the first two, its only a few chapters but it really helps shed some light on things that happen in Elicit)
  7. Enforce * this book is Elite from the guys FOUR POV’s, I always suggest readers attack it when they are waiting for the next book to release, but I don’t suggest you dive in until you’ve finished Elicit.
  8. Ember
  9. Elude
  10. Empire

**Enamor is a bonus novella in the back of Elicit that deals with Nixon/Trace

**Evoke is a 3 chapter bonus novella on WATTPAD for free that you can read in between Elite/Elect

**My Note: RIP is a spin off that takes place in the mafia world. I read it when it was released last year, long before these. The stories connect a little in Elude. I suggest if you want to read RIP do so after having read Elude. Some major things will be spoiled, I didn’t mind personally, but you might think otherwise. If you like Eagle Elite you will really like RIP as well.

Eagle Elite on RVD site

Rachel Van Dyken on Amazon




4 Stars

Going in I knew what this series revolved around, so I was curious how that would connect. The book was a little rough at first with what Trace had to deal with at Eagle Elite. I wasn’t a fan of Nixon at first, he doesn’t give a good first impression. I liked him as the book went on and I learned more about these characters and the mafia world. I constantly wanted to know what was really going on around Trace that she couldn’t know about. I really thought the dynamics of the families and their world were really interesting. I liked the story a lot and the characters. I really liked chase too! I am really excited to read more and find out what is going to happen.


Evoke can be found on Wattpad a free read

Evoke on Wattpad

4 Stars

A few chapters all from Nixon, Chase, Tex, and Mo. It was neat to be in their heads and get hints of what is going on with them that we don’t know about. It was a nice novella that added a little more details to the characters and showed what happens after Elite ends.


4 Stars

 My favorite thing about this story was the plot and the suspense it had. I really got caught up in what was going on with the families and trying to find a rat. I did like the chase/nixon/trace storyline. I really like both men. I thought it was a good balance of suspense with some romance thrown in. I thought it was very well rounded book.


4 Stars

 I really really liked Chase in Elite and Elect so I was super excited to read more about him. He is a big tough mafia guy but has a sweet devoted side. He is softer than Nixon and I liked that. I liked Mil, not at much as Chase though. I liked the story and thought it had some nice twists and turns. I thought Entice also had more emotions packed into it, and some rather dark at times, but still really enjoyed the darker side. It was nice to get more background on Tex and see him more. I love his sense of humor by the way! I was a little lost with some of the goings on of the mafia towards the end, it didn’t affect the story for me though. I liked that the book has much pov split amongst Chase, Mil and Nixon, with a little Tex thrown in.


4.5 Stars

 What stand out to me about Elicit compared to the rest of the series is the fantastic plot. I thought there were so great twists and turns with a lot of surprises. And mystery about what characters were going to do and their intentions. I really enjoyed how the story developed and evolved. There were times I hated characters and loved them. I was up and down with Sergio in particular. I had my moments with Tex and Mo, but I really enjoyed the storyline to their relationship. I felt so invested in them by the end. I think this book showed best the relationships and dynamics of the elect and their women. I really liked how much they are willing to sacrifice for each other and how much they love one another. I was very much so a fan of this book!


4 Stars

This is only about 30 pages and included in the back of Elicit. It helps resolve some issues that Nixon and Trace have with another character from Elicit. It was nice to have that string tied up and get some more from their perspective.

bang bang

4.5 Stars
I wish this was available in paperback and not just an ebook, because I really wish I owned a physical copy of this one. I don’t understand why this seems separate from the rest of the eagle elite, as the main guy is Sergio’s brother. It is a novella, 23 chapters, so the story line is quick and fast paced. The story does connect to eagle elite and all of the characters from that series make an appearance here. It was neat to see all of them through the eyes of an outsider who doesn’t know much about them. I likes Ax and Amy, their story was sweet and cute. There is some mafia storyline to it, but its not a heavy presence. I enjoyed the story a lot.


3 Stars

This is a prequel novella about Frank, Luca and Joyce (Trace’s grandma). I found it really sad, it describes how she ended up married to Frank and it was just depressing. I didn’t like Frank as much after and felt more for Luca. I understand Frank had reasons for his motives and wasn’t malicious, but it wasn’t a happy story. It was a brutal example of how the mafia affected their lives.


3.5 Stars

I will preface this by saying I always have a hard time getting into books that are the same story retold from another point of view. It was also hard considering so much has happened in the series since I read Elite it was hard getting back into that mind set of the past. I liked being in the guys head. It was very interesting to be in Phoenix’s head considering his state of mind. I wish there was a little more Tex though. It was hard to get back into the love triangle that was going on seeing as its a moot point in the series now. There was some new scenes and information, but a lot of the same scenes mostly from Nixon’s point of view.


4 Stars

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Phoenix’s book, he has a darker past than everyone else. It made for a lot more character development and much more of an evolution. A lot of that had to do with bee, she was such a polar opposite of Phoenix. He is so dark and she is all light. I really enjoyed her character and how different she was from the other ladies. I liked how their relationship developed and really liked how they grew together. I liked seeing Phoenix’s transformation and seeing how he has changed as the series has gone on. While they aren’t my favorite couple I really liked them together at the end. I also liked how awkward things were with them and the other guys as their relationship went on. There were a lot more secrets again, which always bugs me because I hate not knowing. I liked that side of the story and was very interested to know what was going on.


5 Stars!
This book was so emotional! I read RIP before I ever read any Eagle Elite book so I had an idea about what was going to happen in Elude, even though I read it when is came out last year. I thought it packed so much more of a punch than the other books. It was sweet, intense, and sadly beautiful. I really liked the storyline and the development of Sergio’s character. He was changed so much by Andi and really evolved as the story grew. I think Elude is the most well rounded book in the entire series. I think this was the most character driven novel in the series there was a different kind of darkness to this novel compared to the others in the series. It stands out that way, it still as some great mafia world twists towards the end and really drives the story into Empire. It was a fantastic read.


4.5 Stars

I read RIP when it first came out, before I had read any of the Eagle Elite series. Having just read the series now I wanted to go back and reread RIP with a new perspective. Now I understand and know when the Eagle Elite are popping into the storyline.
I think the best way to describe the storyline to this story is dark and twisty. It is really fascinating with all of the mental manipulation and learning all about what Nikolai can do. It is a really dark story though, I was super sucked in again. I love the twists and turns to the story, it has many layers and a few different things going on at once. The love story of Nikolai and Maya is so intriguing, and extremely unique. I really was fascinated by the changes Maya experienced and how that affected their relationship. This can be read as a standalone, but I suggest reading it after Elude as it gives away things that happen in that book. It is a great companion to Eagle Elite!


5 Stars!

Funny enough as Eagle Elite went on I had never really cared for Sergio. He was easily my least favorite and I wasn’t super excited to read his story. low and behold Elude and Empire are my favorite books in the entire series! Similar to Elude I loved the emtional side to Empire. It was driven by Sergio and Val’s feeling about their situation and what they both have to deal with. Sergio is broken after Elude and Val has to deal with it a lot. I think they both have a long journey and both have to mourn and grow from the things from their past and how they are thrown together. At times Sergio is clearly a jackass about everything and Val is often the poor punching bag. Yet thorough all that he isn’t the bad guy, not that there weren’t times I was yelling at him in my head. Val is so sweet and innocent and is thrown into this mafia world head first and has a lot to come to terms with. I loved the progression of their story. I felt their emotions and they tried to deal. I think this was such an all around amazing story and was everything I had hoped for!! Now to wait a year for Dante’s story!

 I really loved this series and I think it just gets better as the series goes on. It is great with plot, a lot of twists and turns. There is plenty of romance and great friendship that develops as the series moves. It is rather dark as it is all about the mafia, but it works so well even through all the dark. I am so excited for the rest of the series, by sad it will be a while! I highly recommend it!!


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