The Problem With Forever Review

I alike a lot of others got my copy of The Problem With Forever by Jennifer Armentrout early from Amazon. Every time a Jennifer book comes out  I jump on reading it! First off this book is so gorgeous in person and the story inside is just as amazing. Without a doubt 5 stars! image


5 Stars!!!!

Going in I figured that I would really enjoy this book as it is a Jennifer Armentrout and she has never done me wrong. I didn’t know how it would compare as it is a young adult contemporary and that isn’t my forte genre wise. I loved it from beginning to end though. This book is one of the most thoughtful and deep stories that I have read. I loved the journey both Mallory and Rider went through. Mallory was traumatized as a child and has had to work on a lot psychologically. Having a degree in psychology I was so intrigued by being inside Mallory’s head and her thought process. Her story was heartbreaking and uplifting, I felt so emotionally attached to her and Rider. We weren’t in his head, but got to see how he was dealing with their traumatic childhood through her eyes. He was such a sweet and loving character. He also had many things that he needed to work though. Both of them needed to lean on each other to truly move past their background and deal with everything life had dealt them. I loved their love story and they are such a sweet and perfect couple. They seem like they are two halves that make a whole. I had so many emotions through out the entire book. I haven’t felt that emotionally involved in a book in a long time.

The story was very compelling and had a very serious background for the characters, but it was also a beautiful story about their love and their friendships. It was so touching at times how all the characters impacted each other. It was also heartbreaking to realize how unfair life can be, but you still have to go and grow from that. It was a beautifully touching story and I loved the characters and their journey of healing and growing.

I highly suggest picking this book up! It is beautifully written and emotional. I am so glad that I read this, especially as it was outside my comfort zone genre wise. As always Jennifer Armentrout has not disappointed me!!!


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