The Matchmaker’s Playbook Review and Kindle Lending Library



4 Stars

This was my first contemporary romance I have read by Rachel Van Dyken. I have read both books in her Dark Ones series and RIP, both very good by the way. I have been eyeing this book before it even came out. I took notice that it was on Kindle Unlimited so I used it as my one book for the month from the kindle owners lending library (see below for more info on that).

I was a little unsure about Ian at the very beginning and whether he was likeable for me, but that didn’t last long. He is an interesting character and it was very enjoyable to read the whole book from his perspective. He was entertaining and I found him to be very intriguing as the book went along. I liked Blake too, but she wasn’t as good for me as Ian. She was rather funny with her naiveté at times. I think the characters have great chemistry with each other and they have great relationships with their friends. I really like Lex and Gabi, love seeing their hate/hate relationship. I am so excited to read about them in The Matchmaker’s Replacement! I enjoyed the story’s ebb and flow and didn’t find it to be predictable. I really enjoyed this read and breezed through it. I am very happy with my monthly lending pick!

The Matchmaker’s Playbook on Amazon

The Matchmaker’s Replacement on Amazon


**PSA for kindle owners with a prime membership**

Did you know that if you have a kindle and a amazon prime membership you are able to borrow one kindle unlimited book a month? Granted if you already subscribe to kindle unlimited it is a moot point. I happen to have a kindle and have been a prime member for years, but only discovered I could borrow one book a month recently. I haven’t bothered with kindle unlimited as I already have a Scribd membership and don’t need two similar memberships a month, and Scribd has audiobooks as part of the membership. There are a lot of good titles in the kindle unlimited program like Matchmaker’s Playbook, and lots of other Rachel Van Dyken. Its a nice little perk that isn’t really advertised to prime members. A nice perk to be able to read more!

Information on Kindle Lending Library on Amazon



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