Legal Briefs Series Review


3.75 Stars

As the description of Overruled explains Stanton has a 10 year old daughter living back home with Jenny, his girlfriend from high school. They aren’t together, but Stanton isn’t exactly moving on. Sofia is his coworker and friend with benefits. Jenny had moved on unlike Stanton and is getting married and Stanton doesn’t like this so he convinces Sofia to come with him to win her back.

While the beginning is entertaining and I like Sofia, Stanton is a little less likeable. He isn’t with Jenny, but doesn’t want her with anyone else while he doesn’t live by the same rule himself. Granted he and Sofia know the deal and are casual he wants to bring her to beg his ex to not get married. It is a bit hard to get behind that. He has no problem wanting to sleep with Sofia , yet doesn’t want his ex married to someone. Otherwise he is an enjoyable character, but its hard to wrap my head around him. He is kind of caveman like when it comes to Jenny and I can’t understand it or care for it.

About 2/3 of the way through it improved a bit. I took a long time to get to that point and I think it should have arrived there sooner. It took a while, but Stanton seemed to come to his senses and wasn’t annoyingly clueless. I really like the last 75 pages. It was much more interesting and I finally felt a bit more invested in the two. I liked the end, I just wish it wouldn’t have took that long to get to that point. I think it was a decent read, but I wasn’t super nuts about it. Based on goodreads numbers this one is a bit less popular than the other two so I am hoping I enjoy Jake and Brent much more, I have faith!



5 stars!!!

I was a little uneasy going in as I wasn’t a huge fan of overruled, luckily I didn’t have to worry about that! From the very beginning I was a fan of Jake. The book sets up that Jake is much more of a manwhore than Stanton. That may be true from before the book, but it does not come across that way through out the book. Sustained has a very different vibe from Overruled. I loved the unique story line and how different of a journey it is for Jake and Chelsea. The story didn’t feel predictable to me, which doesn’t happen often anymore. I love the kids and how much they mean to Jake. He is one of my new favorite book boyfriends! The story was very sweet and happy. I got feels a few times for all of the characters! I loved it throughly, it my favorite Emma Chase book to date.


4.5 Stars

I have enjoyed what I have seen from Brent in the first two books. I found him entertaining and I was interested in learning more about him. The basic set up is Brent and Kennedy grew up together and have a rough past between them. Needless to say things are different now. I liked their dynamic and that they could go back and fourth with one another and keep each other on their toes. I thought Brent came off very sweet and caring through out the entire book. He had no problem showing feelings or admitting to himself how much Kennedy affected him. It was cute to be in his head and have him so candid with how he felt and how things were going. He may have been upset at times about things, but never really became a dick. I liked that they didn’t have a stereotypical problem where he has to be a jerk and break her heart and show a bad side to him. He isn’t a total angel, but I liked that it was different. We also probably saw more legal action in this book than the other two, more having to do with Kennedy than Brent. Which is nice considering the series is called legal briefs. I liked Brent and Kennedy a lot and enjoyed reading about them. The epilogue and the extended epilogue were very cute!


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