The Beautiful Series Review

I have read the four books in Christina Lauren’s Wild Seasons series and really enjoyed the humor and romance to their stories. I have heard good things about their beautiful series and have been anxious to read it since Beautiful Boss came out.


4 Stars

I enjoyed that the book wastes no time getting to the story between Chloe and Bennett, there is no fluff at the beginning. I love the dynamics between the two. They are constantly at each others throats, but are clearly attracted to each other. The title for the book does a good job describing Bennett Ryan the boss and what Chloe often refers to him as. I liked how their story progressed and the struggles they had with their working together and their attitudes with each other. I enjoyed the read, it was quick and steamy and fun.


4 Stars

I wasn’t totally sure what book to read next. Beautiful Bitch is 1.5 and also about Bennett and Chloe, but on Christina Lauren’s site it says to read it after Beautiful Stranger. I think reading this next makes more sense chronologically.
Anyway on to the review. Beautiful Bitch was essentially a long epilogue to Beautiful Bastard. It takes place about a year later, but contains a few flashbacks of their year together. Their vacation that is talked about in the book description takes up very little of the story. It mostly shows how hard their relationship is logistically with the amount of time they work and travel. There wasn’t too much to the plot. It was just a nice check in to see how tjey have been in the last year and where they are going. There us some set up for the rest of the series and introduces Max Stella and a little more background on Sara Dillon. Overall it was a nice read, but nothing earth shattering.


4.5 Stars

I really like Max Stella, lets get that out there right away. I enjoyed the complications of Max and Sara’s relationship. We knew a little bit about how Sara’s last relationship went wrong and how hurt she was from her ex. I enjoyed that Max and Sara were opposite of a stereotypical relationship and he was pushing for more from her than vise versa. I liked how we got to delve into Sara’s mind and how much of a journey she had to go through to emerge on the other side. By the end she had to confront her trust issues and understand Max is not her ex. Max was so sweet and swoony through out the entire book. Christina Lauren always have plenty of sexy times through out their books, but boy did they kick it up a knotch with these two! I liked the flow of the book, it felt like a natural progression and I felt invested in Max and Sara. I really liked Beautiful Stranger and I am excited to see more from these two!


4.5 Stars

I liked this novella a lot. It sets up with Bennett’s bachelor party weekend in Vegas with lots of shenanigans! I liked that the story was switching povs from Bennett and Max. It packed a lot of fun and a lot of steam. Many funny situations and a lot of sexy times for two couples. I really enjoyed the story line and was very entertained! Makes me enjoy these characters even more. I also like the fun side we got to see from Will.


4.5 Stars

As I have read each couples book I think I can’t possibly like the next couple better and each time I am proven wrong. Will and Hanna are my new favorite couple from this series. I liked that their story was much different than the other two. They started off slow and became friends first and naturally progressed from that. I liked that their book felt very organic and it felt natural to them. I love how quirky Hanna is and how she has no filter with Will. Will is so sweet with her and similar to Max he is the one to want more. I can’t totally put my finger on what it is about their relationship that I like so much. They were so much fun to read about and I was very invested in their story. I could not put this book down! My favorite so far.


4 Stars

I did enjoy this novella as it is all about Chloe and Bennett’s wedding weekend. It was quite amusing at times, lots of goofing around and stubborn bets and jokes. It was nice to still get some time with the other two couples as well as the bride and groom, especially for Will and Hanna! In the end it ended sweet with the wedding and of course some fun afterwards.


 4.5 Stars

The book starts with a bit of a time jump as Max and Sara’s daughter is already born and they have married at some point. There isn’t too much detail to either other than stating their daughter is 4 months old and they say they are husband and wife. I really liked the story line, it revolved around the problems couples with a young baby deal with. I enjoyed the humor of some of their situations. I liked that in this story they worked their way back to how they had been prior to having a kid. They struggled with a balance of who they are before and who they are now. I though it was a fun story and still squeezed in some of the steamy times they in particular have. We also meet Niall who is crazy cute with their daughter!


4 Stars

This was probably my least favorite from the series, still quite good though. I had a harder time getting into the story with Niall and Ruby. Both were a little hard to connect with. Their story has a very different path than all the others, Niall is pretty closed off and want to take things very slow with Ruby. She is on a different page than Niall is at times. Sometimes Niall was frustrating and it made it a little hard. I did enjoy that he did start to open up more as the story progressed. I did really like the late part of the book and thought the story line was very good. Even with struggling with the characters at times they gave me the feels a lot at the end. I do really like the couple by the end. It was also a little treat to have a character from wild seasons pop into the mix. Overall still a good book, but not my favorite from them.


5 Stars

Will and Hanna have been my favorite couple so far, so I was very excited to get more from them. The story picks up at their wedding and Hanna’s job hunting after. They have a lot going on and a lot to deal with and are struggling with communicating. It was nice to see how they handle having problems as they aren’t used to it. I really liked the story line and how the novella flowed. I love these two and really loved reading more about them. I love how perfect they are for each other and their silly quirks with each other. The novella had plenty of sweet emotion and sexy times. It was a great balance and definitely my favorite novella in the series. It added more to Hanna and Will’s story along with plenty from Bennett, Chloe, Sara and Max.

I have really enjoyed The Beautiful Series and can’t wait for the last book of the series in October. I really like that each couple has their own unique identity and each story was different from each others. I love the balance of fun, sweet and sexy. I highly recommend the series.


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