Dorothy Must Die

In this twist to the classic, Dorothy has come back to Oz. She loved the magic, so she’s come back to take over Oz and keep the magic for herself. Dorothy is an evil princess of Oz.
Amy Gumm, or Salvation Amy, is seen as trailer trash at her school. She lives with her mom, who hasn’t been the same since her mom has been in an accident.
One night, Amy’s mom leaves her alone to go to a bar. The bar is having a tornado party since a tornado is supposed to be coming. Just like Dorothy, Amy gets swept away and lands up in Oz.
When Amy lands there are no songs, munchkins, or good witches to greet her. Beautiful Oz has been torn up due to Dorothy’s reign.
Dorothy thinks Amy has come to Oz to take her throne and puts her in jail. A woman named Mombi comes to save Amy if she agrees to join The Wicked.
Through the story, Amy finds out that the lion, scarecrow, and tinman are now Dorothy’s minions right along with Glinda. Mombi, with members of the Wicked, teach Amy how to use magic. She’s going to need it for her mission: kill Dorothy.
I’ve seen The Wizard bid Oz and saw the Broadway Wicked and have enjoyed both. It was interesting to read this extension of the story. I enjoyed reading about the old characters and how the twist worked in the story. To me the ‘love story’ between Amy and Nox is strange. Overall I give this story 4/5🌟image


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