The Power Review

the power


5 Stars

I just started to read the covenant series a few weeks ago and continued right into the titan series. Really enjoyed the covenant series by the way! I finished The Return in two days and started The Power today and finished it all in one day! Going into the series I was really excited to read about Seth and get into his head. I liked him a lot in The Return and I really like him in The Power. Seth dealt with a lot more of his personal demons in The Power than before. We know he still carries a lot of guilt over what he did in the past and how he still has a pull to the power of the aether. I enjoyed reading about him trying to deal with it and how that related to Josie. I really liked reading from Josie’s perspective and I felt for her a lot while she often go the backlash of what Seth was having to deal with. I loved their journey through out the book and love them as a couple and love the new sweet side we have seen from Seth with Josie. There was the nice little perk of seeing Alex and Aiden again and getting an update on them. They added nicely to the storyline and weren’t just a little pop in the briefly see them. The over arching storyline was fantastic and I enjoyed the ebb and flow of the plot. It was constantly evolving and kept me interested the entire time. The Power has been my favorite of all the other books from this world. It was a perfect package of romance and titan sized problems. I really like this spin off series and am anticipating where the story will go now based on the ending, which will leave us guessing until The Struggle comes out next year!


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