Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Sky lives a sheltered life-she’s been homeschooled and isn’t allowed to have any sort of technology. No phone, tv, Internet-she doesn’t even know what lol and omg stands for.
One day she has a weird in counter with a boy named Dean Holder. He ends up turning her life around.
Sky’s never felt that spark with anyone before meeting Holder. He frustrates her, yet charms her.
For Sky’s senior year she was able to convince her mom, adoptive mother, to allow her to go to a real high school. Her best friend Six, who lives next door, has quite the reputation which then carries over to Sky. Six is studying aboard the first semester so Sky is left alone until Holder enrolls.
Sky has weird flashbacks to her life before she was adopted. Holder tells Sky all he will ever give her is the truth, but there is a secret he has hidden away. When Sky figures out the secret her life turns upside down.
I’ve read two other Colleen Hoover books and one novella. This is my least favorite of the three. There were definitely some omg moments and twists I didn’t see coming. There were just some parts of the story that I didn’t think meshed well together and were a little off at times. Overall I give Hopeless 3.5/4🌟.


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