Book Turned Movie

Some talk about Allegiant and how people feel about books playing out on the big screen.
*Spoiler alert*
My friends and I just saw Allegiant. Going into the movie I knew it would be nothing like the book. It was clear from the previous movies and the previews. I didn’t think the movie was going to be as ridiculous as it was! For a franchise that changed the movies up to draw more attention through action, they surely failed. I was bored and found myself fidgeting in my seat. I felt the over exaggeration in the futuristic theme quite out there and unnecessary. Basically, the movie ends where the book ends. It appears that the last installment is going to be made up and readers will now be in the dark (not that things were clear through the movies already produced). My guess is that the last movie will be a war against David and the bureau. This book was my least favorite in the series and the movie is too.
So here’s what I want to discuss in my post-what goes through your mind when a book you have enjoyed is going to be turned into a movie? I completely understand that things need to be changed. Nothing will ever be 100% the same. It’s just, how can we get amazingly well done productions such as The Hunger Games and Harry Potter and get other book turned movies such as Allegiant. The Mortal Instruments weren’t able to continue on the big screen. They completely change an important factor at the end of the movie.
For me I just don’t get why some authors sell the rights of their books when they pour their heart and soul into writing the books in the first place. Maybe the money is really good, maybe they are complety fine with the change ups, I am not sure. It would be a great opportunity to have a conversation with some of these authors to find out their thoughts.
Is there anyone out there who feels this way? Maybe you guys will think I’m thinking way too much into this. Please comment and tell me what’s going through your mind.


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