Ryder Review



4 Stars

I was very excited to read Ryder after having binge read the first six a couple weeks ago. I really liked what I read about Ryder and Branna so far in the series. I had guesses about their relationship problems from the last couple books and I really wanted to know how they were going to work on their problems. I had really been rooting for them going in.

Once I started I had a guess as to what was going on with Ryder and why he was pulling away and I was correct in what the main part was. There were a few flashbacks to kind of fill in gaps about how they got together and what their relationship was like during the other books. I liked some of them and really liked how it gave me a better understanding on their background and what their relationship was like at its best. Other flashbacks I felt didn’t add to their story, many were centered around Bronagh and Dominic. I thought it was a little disjointed at times like that. I also wasn’t super happy about the mortal peril that we have come to know in each novel. It was a little out of place at first, but I came around more later in the book to it.

What I did really like was to see how much they were struggling early on and how much Branna had on her shoulders. I really liked her character and thought she was much deeper than I would have anticipated. Ryder was harder to get a feel for as you aren’t in his head, but we have a decent background on him from the other novels. I did like what the reason for pulling away was and how they dealt with it felt real and natural to me. I loved the end of the book and what happens for them at the end. I also loved that we got a bit more from Damien and Alannah, I am crazy excited for their story (I think Damien is very close to being my favorite brother along with Kane)

There were portions of this book I wasn’t nuts about, but in the grand scheme of things they were small parts to a bigger story. I really liked their journey and like them a lot before the story and enjoyed reading about them working through things. They are such a complex couple and I think this was another good addition to the Slater Brothers series.


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