Him & Us Review



4.5 Stars

I have read all of Elle Kennedy’s Off Campus series (absolutely love them by the way) so I had an idea of her writing, especially with college hockey. I thought Him was similar writing and paced the same humor and emotional balance. I have read a little m/m romance in the past, but this is one of my favorites. I love Wes and Jamie! I liked the balance of Wes’s humor and cocky side with the emotional side. I was very invested in him and how he was feeling about his and Jamie’s past and how he was trying to navigate it and dealing with crushing on his best friend.

Jamie was different, but equally enjoyable. I loved reading about his journey to figure out what he was feeling with Wes and the few funny situations he went through to understand his feelings. He is a great balance to Wes’s character, they can go from joking with each other to being hot to being sweet. I read this very quickly and was sucked in by the storyline. I thought it flowed great and it felt natural. I loved this story and I am so excited that there is a sequel for these hockey boys!



4 Stars

In Him Wes really had a lot more of the problems to work through and issues to overcome. In Us it was Jamie’s turn to have to battle through things. I thought Us wasn’t as light hearted as Him. Jamie and Wes’s problems were a lot more complex and had a lot of moments that made me sad. I felt for both guys a lot and was very invested in them fighting through everything. At first I didn’t know how I would feel about Blake, but I wasn’t too long until I figured it out. He was such a fun character and I loved how much Wes and Jamie meant to him. He offered more of the humor during the rough times. The ending made all of the hardships they had to go through worth it! It was such a sweet ending and gave me the feels for these men!

I enjoyed both books a lot and plan to add the paperbacks to my collection soon. Both reminded me how much I enjoy Elle Kennedy’s other books and make me want to read Sarina Bowen.


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