Slater Brothers Series Review



4 stars

I was unsure how I was going to feel about Dominic going in. I was pleasantly surprised by it. I will definitely say that this probably isn’t for everyone. The story is filled with a lot of angst and can be a little over the top at times. Dominic and Bronagh are very strong characters and very stubborn. They don’t back down and are at each others throats a lot. As the story progressed I thought that Dominic softened a little bit and was growing as a character. I thought the plot line was rather interesting and had much more to it than I had anticipated. I enjoyed their story, but didn’t love it. I think the characters are an acquired taste and not everyone will enjoy them.

Bronagh (3 years later)

3.5 stars

This was quite short and sweet at times. I thought Dominic was sweet in the best way he can and really liked him. I wasn’t as nuts about Bronagh herself and the issues that she went through during the novella. I didn’t like the way their issues were presented through out. I understood what they had to work through and it needed to be worked on, but I thought it was rather dumping on Bronagh and nothing on Dominic. I liked the premise of the whole novella as her 21st birthday. I did enjoy that it laid some ground work for the future books.

Alec (right after Bronagh)

4 stars

I enjoyed that while Alec was still a Slater and had may of their common traits, he was still different in his own way. I thought Alec was quite sweet at times all while still being sassy like the rest of the Slaters. I enjoyed the premise of Alec and Keela’s relationship and their banter was much more playful than Dominic and Bronagh. While there were parts that were a little hard to take that drove a wedge between them, I thought there was a lot more emotion in this novel as compared to Dominic. There were a few times in the later half of the book that I really felt for the characters and was more invested then I would have anticipated. The only thing holding me back was part of the plot line that I felt went a little too far, though I understand what it meant to the story I still wasn’t digging it. Overall I did enjoy it better than Dominic.

Keela (13 months later)

4 stars

I liked this novella much more than Dominic and Bronagh’s. I actually felt like this showed more of Alec and Keela’s struggles and dealing with everything they went through 13 months ago. It added more depth to their characters and showed more of a journey. It didn’t feel as forced as the issues in Bronagh felt to me. I really like Alec and Keela and enjoyed seeing what was going on with their lives. I also thought it was great set up and foreshadowing into Kane. Was a very nice and quick read.

Kane (right after Keela)

4 stars

Kane was definitely my favorite so far of the Slater Brothers series. I liked that while Kane and Aideen started out fighting a lot like the other couples, they didn’t stay that was and it was refreshing. While they had their own issues to work thorough, they were more external than them butting heads all the time. I enjoyed the difference of Kane from his brothers, similar to how I felt when I read Alec. Kane was a mix of sweet and alpha male all at the same time. I liked Aideen a lot too, she feels pretty similar to Keela to me. I really enjoyed their story and I think I would say they are my favorite couple from the series.

Aideen ( 2 months later)

4.5 stars

This is without a doubt my favorite of the novellas from this series, It didn’t feel rushed or have forced problems for Kane and Aideen to work though. It was so sweet and loving and it was perfect that way. While there were problems going on with the characters, a lot of it is foreshadowing and set up for Ryder and Damien’s books. This was very different from the rest of the series and it was a happy real and very cute to see most of the characters happy. I also thought this novella had more humor than the others. There were several times that I had to keep myself from laughing out loud!

I have enjoyed this series more than anticipated, especially after I read Dominic I wasn’t sure how much I would. I read all 3 novels and 3 novellas in 7 days! They sucked me in and I really enjoy them. I am now anxiously awaiting for Ryder to arrive on my kindle. I am bumming it was pushed back two weeks and now will be live the same day as Lady Midnight, boo! I am really excited to read about Ryder and Branna, especially since their relationship isn’t a brand new one and feel like this novel will feel unique to them. Now I play the waiting game!



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