The Lie Review

the lie.jpg

I had a very high expectation of The Lie going in, and this definitely lived up to my hype. The play is one of my favorite romances that I have read so I have big expectations from the McGregors! I really liked the look we had into Brigs during The Play and Winter Wishes and was excited to read in depth about who he had become from his rough past.

One of the best parts of The Play for me was the depth of Lachlan’s character and seeing how his past created the man he was today. In The Lie that was how I felt about Brigs’ character. He was so closed off and shut down from his family’s death. It was nice to see the flashbacks of what happened between Brigs and Natasha 4 years ago alongside the present.

I loved reading about Natasha and Brigs journey from broken from their pasts and growing together in the present and trying to let it all go and accept their present. Not only did Brigs have a lot to work through, but so did Natasha. It was a process to let go of what they did in the past and the guilt and build a new future together. Brigs did follow suit with his fellow McGregors and was just as swoony and the book packed just as much sexy time and I have come to expect from Karina.

I loved both characters and the emotion that Karina Halle is able to deliver in this series. I felt so much through out this book and was sad when it was over. I liked our glimpse of Keir McGregor and look forward his story in The Debt that comes out sometime this year!!

5 stars!



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